City bets on Haaland: transfer and astronomical salary

Agüero's departure confirms citizen's entry into the market this summer. Messi, Haaland and Grealish ruled out, priorities. The Norwegian would accept for 36 million a year.


A dead king, laid king. Well, Manchester City has applied the saying and the hole of Agüero, its historical top scorer, can only be filled with a signing of bells. Or, in this case, two: Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish. It will not be easy or, above all, cheap, since to get hold of Dortmund and Villa they have set aside 230 million euros from the safe, the amount that, according to the Daily Mail, this double incorporation will cost. Without forgetting the amount that they will have to allocate to the Norwegian's salary ... 444 444

At the Etihad they had been behind a center forward for some time, long before Kun's final goodbye was confirmed. They understood that the renewal or departure of the Argentine did not prevent reinforcing a striker who is the only duty of this season. Neither Agüero nor Gabriel Jesus are managing, either due to injuries or performance, to contribute the scoring figure that in previous years was paid by the Buenos Aires native. Gündogan, Sterling, Foden, Ferran or Mahrez are filling the box with so many in favor, but it is the defensive solidity, founded on the Dias-Stones couple, which has propelled Guardiola's men to the top of the Premier and be top favorites in the Champions League.

Alfie Haaland, past citizen

For this reason, the name Haaland (20 years) has long been linked to the future of the club. Of course, the fight is wild, because Real Madrid, Manchester United or Chelsea have a lot to say about the future of the Norwegian. Even so, the skyblue are clear that their number one goal for forward, once Messi has been ruled out, is an Erling whose season does not stop increasing its price. 39 goals in 38 games for Borussia Dortmund are a good example of this. In addition, the sentimental factor could be an asset in favor of the operation, since Alfie, the father of the child, defended the colors of City for three seasons in his time as a player. Just as it was clear that the quarrels of the past between Mino Raiola, Haaland's agent, and Guardiola have been more than closed, as the Italian recognized. The price, yes, they would have to negotiate, since in the Signal Iduna they have put a label of 180 million euros.

The best paid in the history of the Premier

And as we said, we must not forget the salary factor. And the thing is, The Sun reveals that the Haaland operation would go above 350 million. The cyborg born in Leeds, always according to this medium, wants to be the highest paid player in the history of the Premier League, so City, transfer apart, would have to scratch, well, their pockets. The estimated salary would make him opt for the Mancunian offer would exceed 36 million euros per year. 182 million euros, spread over the five-year contract that it demands, which would trigger the operation. It is clear that Guardiola and, therefore, City want Haaland, but at any price?Grealish, a peaky blinder with roots While the other name indicated in red in the futuribles booklet, Grealish, suggests that within the club they seek to rejuvenate a well-populated position, the midfielder. Riyad Mahrez, Ilkay Gündogan and Kevin de Bruyne will be in their 30s next season, while the Aston Villa captain is 25 years old. The renewal of the Belgian is taken for granted, but the interest in taking over the villain may go hand in hand with the departure of one of the remaining stars.Nor will it be easy to remove Birmingham's favorite peaky blinder from Villa Park, which the owners have no need to sell and the player renewed his contract last summer, showing his lifelong love for the club. In the past it was priced at 60 million, but that was before Villa saved the category. The accounts are clear, or they convince Dortmund to sell Haaland for less than 180 or Aston Villa for Jack's price to be 50 million. Although becoming part of a team that aspires to everything could seduce Grealish, or so they wait in the City offices.Alternatives

Although, as we have advanced, both operations, even with 230 million euros available, will not be easy, so the Daily Mail remembers the alternatives that the entity manages. Harry Kane, João Félix, Romelu Lukaku or Lautaro Martínez and André Silva. The Tottenham man has been in the citizen arena for a long time, as well as that of United, and, with 28 years to go in July, he would be before his great opportunity to take another step in his career now that the Spurs are stuck. The case of the Inter couple would be much more complicated, since, even having the cash to face the operations, in both cases they have been happy in an Inter that is aimed at breaking the hegemony of Juventus in Italy.

The last two are different cases from each other. João Félix was already on Guardiola's radar when he finally ended up signing for Atlético de Madrid. He does not end up exploding under Simeone's wing, but at Atleti they trust him. While Silva has uncovered himself at Eintracht and has emerged as the scorer he promised when Milan signed him from Porto when he was a promising youngster. His goals have left Luka Jovic almost without opportunities in his assignment to Frankfurt and he would be, for the entity of his current team, the most affordable striker on the list. At 25, he is ready to take the plunge. "Aguero is irreplaceable," Guardiola said, but in this shortlist of names should be the one who ends up taking the place of the Argentine.

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