Ciss and Pejiño sign the sentence of an erratic Fuenla

Las Palmas, effective and safe, took the three points from Fernando Torres in a match where the locals were their 'worst enemies' on the pitch.


Las Palmas break with their bad dynamics as visitors beating Fuenlabrada in a Fernando Torres that has become a 'torture' for its owners. The azulones went ahead in the second minute of the game, but their mistakes cost them all three points.

The match could not have started better for Fuenlabrada. Borja Garcés put the ball into the net with a powerful cross shot in the second minute, after a good serve from Feuillassier. The Atlético youth squad, who today returned to the title after Kante's injury, ran to embrace Rubén Anuarbe, the club's delegate and a strong man in the family that is this Fuenlabrada. The goal was the only discordant note, but what a note for some and for others, of a beginning in which Las Palmas took the ball in a harmless way that neither Jesé, very plugged in his return to professional football, nor Araujo put in distress behind local

In the 22nd minute, the Canarian team visited Belman's domains in danger for the first time. Jesé crashed the ball into the side of the net. The play freed the Canarian strikers from their corset, who entered the Kirik domains more and more assiduously, but always led by a vindictive Jesé with himself and with his detractors. So much was the Canarian jug to the Fuenlabreña source that in the end it broke it, but the joy did not last long since the VAR canceled the goal for offside.

Mel's team lives not only from Jesé and Araujo. It happens that the Las Palmas squad, perhaps with less name than other years but with a greater sense of team, has a lot of ball wizard. Pejiño is one of them. The attacker marked the good moment of his team with a real goal in the 35th minute: cut to Pathé Ciss and shot very tight from the edge of the area.

The goal was a jug of cold water for Oltra's pupils but more than knocking them out, it woke them up. Mula and his missile in the right leg forced the visiting goalkeeper to stretch in the immediate play on the Las Palmas goal. Fuenlabrada also touched the goal in the corner after Pathé Ciss crashed the ball off the crossbar. If the battle on the pitch was fierce, the one on the benches was far from calm. Oltra and Mel gave instructions to their people at the top of their lungs.

Fuenlabrada was able to knock out Las Palmas before half-time with one of those famous psychological blows, but Mula missed the penalty caused by Nteka with a bad shot that didn't even hit the target. All to say after a first part that it was a 'correcalles'. Delight for the viewer, suffering for the coach.

The two teams wanted to start with a midfield that would become master of the ball, something that did not happen in the first half. Well, although the first attempts of Fuenlabrada seemed to indicate that the second act would go in those directions, nothing could be further from reality. The weight of the attack was carried by the long snatches of the extremes of both teams, Feuillassier and Mula on the one hand and Jesé and Mujica on the other. The defenses? To endure the downpour while.

It didn't take long for Oltra to move his pieces to shake up a party that was entering a slumber typical of siesta time: Pinchi and Espinosa for Mula and Cristóbal. However, their changes could have little effect since, a few minutes after this change of system, Pathé Ciss saw the expulsion for a second yellow. Bad habit that the Senegalese midfielder has caught of being sent off almost in every game. Oltra, angered by this action of the Senegalese. Angry and rightly so.

The most pessimistic say that misfortunes never come alone. Fuenlabrada can give a good account of this. To the missed penalty and the expulsion of Pathé Ciss should be added the goal of a Pejiño with a star on 71 '. Las Palmas knew how to get gold from every mistake made by the locals in addition to showing solidity from the initial goal of Fuenlabrada. Infallible recipe for success in Second. The locals tried with more desire than head, despite not noticing the numerical superiority of the island team, and only Espinosa made sense of the Kirik game.

Fuenlabrada fans will have to wait for two more weeks to see their team fight for a victory at their Fernando Torres stadium. Las Palmas, to the points better than the locals, returns to their island happy for the victory.

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