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Juventus, Real Madrid and the player himself benefit from a movement in which the economic fit is difficult due to salary and image rights.

The information that speaks of the possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the Madrid shirt again have spread like wildfire throughout the world without neither player nor white entity having denied it. Operation Return of the Star has a very difficult economic fit, just as Messi's departure from Barça was also difficult. They are the two flagships of the beautiful game. But, in the case of the Portuguese, Juve, Madrid and the player himself, the three parties involved, would benefit from the movement producing.

Juve already considers the player amortized even if he has one more season left on his contract, until 2022, and with his departure, the weight of his high record would be removed from him. Madrid would buy time. He would use Cristiano as a bridge for that galactic revolution that he intends with stars like Haaland, Mbappé or Camavinga. Time until income is restored after the pandemic crisis and the public returns to the stadiums normally. The player (his agent is the one who lit the fuse of the news), overwhelmed by the tightness of Calcio and the criticism, would change of scene to end his career in a big way and, why not, choose to win a Champions League or Ball Gold more. But there are high walls to jump over. And almost all of them have to do with what Cristiano charges.

A knowledgeable sources of Cristiano's situation at Juventus point to AS that, currently, the footballer is earning 31 million euros net. And that, in the economic balance of the entity, they are assuming slightly more than 80 million (gross). Too much money for the decline in revenue for the most powerful club in Italy, owned by Fiat. According to the official data provided, without an audience in the stadium, Juve has lost 113.7 million in the first six months of this season. Having fallen in the eighth of the Champions League, the hit will be even greater when the course ends. And last season, 2019-20, he lost 90 million more ... This is the reason why, as it happens to Real Madrid with Bale, it is very possible that Juve will agree to let Cristiano go out for free although in the Italian press already They have slipped that 29 million would be enough (what really remains to be amortized in the accounts of the 100 million that they paid to Madrid for him).

When he left Madrid, Cristiano earned 21 million net (ten less than now). But the situation in the white entity is now very different from what it was when he left after winning three consecutive Champions League and leaving behind 450 goals scored. In the first place, Madrid now has to support a loan for the reform of the stadium of 570 million euros that did not exist before its departure. Second, the pandemic has left income at 617 million when before the coronavirus they were close to 800 and, finally, the wage bill has skyrocketed with the latest additions (especially Hazard's). His return is complicated ...

Currently, Madrid pays 448 million euros in salaries to the almost 800 workers it has on its staff. With an income of 617 million, it exceeds 70% which is the limit recommended by the ECA. Bale has one more year left on his contract. Perhaps the key to Cristiano's return was in the departure of the Welshman, which is highly unlikely.In any case, and assuming that Madrid found a way to pay 31 million euros net to Cristiano, the player would have to make a significant effort and would continue to lose a lot of money. There, in Italy, by a kind of Beckham Law, it benefits from a taxation designed to attract talent. In this way, the Portuguese only pays 100,000 euros a year for everything they generate abroad, both in image rights and for other concepts. This was, really, what led Cristiano to accept Juve's offer.

Now Cristiano seems determined to finish his career elsewhere. It has been his representative, Jorge Mendes, who has begun to move the tree of a possible return, a return that the president of Madrid himself had informally raised to the star when he collected an award in 2019 in Madrid. It was the first time they saw each other after Cristiano's traumatic departure. Now a return is not ruled out. It is difficult for him to play at the Bernabéu again ... but it is possible.

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