Carragher is "sorry" for Thiago

The Liverpool legend believes that the Spaniard "is great with the ball, but quite the opposite without him", he does not believe that his performance will be better than what he has seen this season.


Thiago Alcántara's name rings every time Liverpool plays. Given the irregular situation of the team and the hopes that were placed on his signing, after each team game his performance is analyzed to the millimeter by critics and former players. The Spanish midfielder started in the last Wolverhampton game, although he was replaced in the 67th minute by Keita. Thiago did not receive good reviews after the game, for the English specialists he did not quite fit into the team, but because in the confrontation against Leipzig he had left good details.

Jaime Carragher, one of the most authoritative voices about Liverpool, has referred to the present and the future of the Spanish striker, at least while Klopp and his ideas are the leaders of the team. The Liverpool legend believes, first of all, that the constant changes of position to which the German coach puts the player does not help him to focus. "That's pretty obvious. There's no question about that when you see him come on the field and watch him play," Carragher said of Thiago on the Robbie Fowler podcast. "In fact, I feel a little sorry for him because he's played in two or three different positions in the midfield. He has played the most backward position and now he is playing a little higher, "he argued.

Carragher also notes that the Spaniard did well in the Champions League, but still has doubts as to how he fits into Klopp's idea. "I think he was very good against Leipzig and you think that having Fabinho by his side can do in his game. Fabinho is as good as any of the best in Europe in that position and I think we saw some of what Thiago can do. do in the future ", wields the former defense before going even deeper. Despite the fact that Fabinho is already available, Carragher believes that Thiago will not go any more.

"I don't think we're going to see a different Thiago next season when everyone is available and fit, because actually I think he's had some good games; he's great with the ball, but he's not without him and I don't think he will. that's going to change, he commits silly fouls, he's not great when the game gets stretched, "says the Liverpool legend.

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