Carlos Sainz, to AS: "I already feel the respect that Ferrari has for me"

The Madrilenian speaks with this media in Bahrain after his first day of testing with the SF21. "I would be lying if I said that I was going to be 100% in the first race."


After talking to the Italian media, Carlos Sainz exclusively attended AS in the mixed zone of the Bahrain paddock. The Madrilenian made his Ferrari debut on the first day of testing and set the fifth fastest time of the day, in addition to completing 57 laps. Track conditions were complex, windy and dusty from an untimely sandstorm over Sakhir. But the premiere is satisfactory, as confirmed by the Spanish to this medium.

— How did you do on this first day of testing, how did the Ferrari SF21 feel?

— It went well because I was able to do all the laps I wanted and try everything I had planned. I did not imagine a sandstorm in my first test with Ferrari, but in the end we were able to fulfill the program. On lap 57 I was more comfortable than on the first lap, so the goal has been achieved.

— How about the car?

— The car is very different from what I was used to. It's funny how in F1, to reach a fairly similar lap time between cars you have to drive so differently each one. Each car is a world, you must adapt and find the limit of Ferrari. I am not at the limit, I do not know where it is with each compound or in each engine mode. That is why I hope to find that performance window that allows me to get to the first race with experience.

— Does the car take you, or will you take it?

— It still carries me, and I'll have to wait a bit for it to stop.

— How do you think that process will be?

— The shorter it lasts, the better. I have come to the tests as prepared as I could, with all the work that has been done in January and February. I have two days left to learn as much as possible, but I would be lying to you if I told you that I am going to make it one hundred percent to the Bahrain GP. It will not be like that because with the few laps that I am going to do from here to the first race, for example, one does not reach the level that it would reach if it repeated for the third year in a row with McLaren.

— At McLaren he was a benchmark for the team on the track. How do you hope to earn that status, that respect from Ferrari?

— Honestly, I already have respect. They have signed me to help them and because they trust me, because I can help the team and I can help them move forward. All I have to do is adapt to the car, get to know the team little by little, know how they work and how I can extract the maximum potential from the car. It will take a while, but in the sense of respect, I feel the respect that Ferrari has for me, they have made me feel at home from the first moment and I am very comfortable with them.

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