Camavinga: Madrid runs the risk of experiencing another Mbappé case

Madrid runs a serious risk of losing him if he does not sign him this summer, as happened with Mbappé. The young star has decided to go out. Chelsea and United lurk ...


With one eye on Haaland and another on Mbappé, Real Madrid cannot neglect the restructuring of the team in midfield. There, Camavinga has been the main candidate to reinforce the team these months ago, especially just before the pandemic. But the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus left that operation on 'stand by'. Now, the alarms are sounding, because as AS has learned, the latest events that have arisen around the young 18-year-old midfielder have caused a last-minute script change, this is definitive, and if Madrid does not move, it can lose it, just as it happened. with Mbappé when he went from Monaco to PSG. Camavinga has already made the decision to leave Rennes this summer.

There are several factors that push the footballer to leave Ligue 1. On the one hand, Camavinga has lost one of the main psychological supports that he had at Stade Rennes, his coach Julien Stephan, who had him in the lower categories and made him debut in the first team with 16 years. Something more than a technician, a personal friend, who was recently fired. On the other hand, the team's weak sporting performance makes it very difficult for Rennes to play the Champions League next season, as it happened in the present. Camavinga wants to continue with his sporting progression and considers that playing the highest continental competition is essential. Rennes is now 12th in the table, closer to the decline than to the positions that give access to Europe.

Therefore, for Real Madrid the situation can be summarized as follows: Camavinga, now or never. Beyond the economic straits that the white entity may have and the signing of Haaland being prioritized, the hiring of Camavinga is also considered strategic. At 18 years old and in the last year of his contract, his signing is easily amortized over time. They estimate from the footballer's environment, in addition, that entering this summer in his last year of contract and with the problems of payment of television rights that are having in France, Rennes needs income although he will not be able to aspire to a transfer of more than 30 or 40 million euros.

Camavinga has taken a huge leap in her career by changing agents. Before he was represented by Moussa Sissoko (the same as the Barcelona player Dembelé). Now the multinational Stellar Group, owned by Jonathan Barnett, has made a development plan for the young star's career that affects all levels, especially the image of the footballer. At this time, Stellar handles a series of offers from large companies that are waiting to be signed by a great team to sign sponsorship contracts that will ensure an economic return wherever they go. Not surprisingly, we are talking about the biggest irruption in the world of football after Mbappé and Haaland. Camavinga, like the two of them, points to a media star.

According to AS has been able to know from sources close to the player, if a few months ago the market was stopped and there were no great offers for him in the Rennes offices (hence the footballer was considering rushing his contract until 2022), now, the Premier he is strongly testing his situation for next summer. Chelsea and Manchester United are on the lookout, the latter aware that Pogba is most likely leaving the entity. However, Camavinga's desire is closer to wearing white, making good contacts that began months ago with Juni Calafat. Otherwise, Madrid is exposed to a new Mbappé case, which he was able to sign for 180 million from Monaco in 2017 and which, most likely, he will no longer be able to enjoy.

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