Butarque comes to the rescue

Leganés appeal to their local streak to relaunch after the defeat of Cartagena. Castellón arrives grown: he thrashed Las Palmas and he looks capable of the machado.


When Leganés groans, he goes to Butarque. Its stadium has become an effective refuge after striking visitor blows, too frequent in this season of repeated dichotomy south of the capital. Because Lega is an irregular actor when he plays abroad (only 13 points in 13 games), but a relentless predator when he does so at home (12 wins and two losses in 14 games, the best local in the Second Division). And all without an audience, which stuck as the stands are to the grass, used to exert uncomfortable breath on the neck of the rivals. But for just a year, there is no one who can bother. And still, the fort effect continues (follow the game live on As.com) .

"It's a matter of trust," Garitano said yesterday to explain the reason for this phenomenon that he will cling to today to redirect that glorious path of five consecutive victories truncated in Cartagena. The defeat in Murcia was an ugly affair. For the result (obvious), but above all for the forms of a team that once again gave the impotent and imprecise image prior to the return of the miracle coach to Leganés.

Without Omeruo, sanctioned, the one from Bergara will do casting to replace the one who had been the only player who had disputed everything in his new stage cucumber. Tarín, Bustinza and Sergio will oppose. The rest of the squad will be available to receive a Castellón of which Garitano was a fleeting coach eleven years ago. "It was barely a month, but as I say, I made my debut as first coach two years later," commented the coach, making it clear that he took it more as an anecdote, than as his true start on a bench.

Now, in the distance, he observes Castellón with eyes of extreme respect. The 4-0 orellut to Las Palmas draws a fearsome rival, with reconstituted morale after stopping a streak of four linked defeats. Those from Garrido warn that their intention, rather than resist on the Avenida de los Once Leones, is to assault it and take three points that will take them out of the descent.

On the positive balance of your optimism, several ingredients. The juiciest is Rubén Díaz, a spicy marauder in the area who has already scored two goals in the last day and who arrives with a reconstituted spirit. This time he will have Marc Mateu, the second highest assistant, ready to help him in the goal task. Ortuño also returns to the list and Rene Krhin is released.

On the negative side, the losses of Víctor and Satrústegui, which leaves Garrido without a left-handed winger. Former cucumber Carlos Delgado aims to start with the option of Mateu himself as plan B nothing crazy after Óscar Cano used it several times in the position.

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