Boycott of French football to teams outside the European Union

The LFP has announced that it will not release players who have international commitments with their national teams in countries outside the European Union.


After several weeks of reflection, Ligue 1 today issued a statement that may be essential in the coming days. The LFP, the highest French football organization, has confirmed that it will not give up its players who have international commitments outside the European Union and the European Economic Area in the next national team break.

The LFP relies on a resolution issued by FIFA on February 5, which limited the movement and mobility of players around the world. Both Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have unanimously decided not to give in to their players, claiming that on their return they had to keep a quarantine of more than seven days and that they adulterated their respective competitions.The decision, unilateral and binding until a higher authority decides otherwise, represents a milestone in European football, as no European competition had issued a similar statement to date. The ruling does not affect the French team, which will have to play on March 28 in Kazakhstan, a country that does not belong to the European Union.

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