Bilbao reacts like Betis and gives a blow in Murcia

Superb match by Brown and Balvin to equalize in the table with the Verdiblancos and Fuenlabrada. Domain of a team that was hungrier for 45 minutes.


Each day that passes highlights a team at the bottom of the table, brings it closer to the LEB Gold. By sheer inertia. And he takes out the float, momentary, to another who is out there. Betis's victory in Badalona has made the troop firm. Bilbao Basket learned of the result before going out to compete in Murcia and added tension to that event. But it was a positive tingling, of being very involved in the task. He returned the blow to the team of Sito Alonso, who came out triumphant in the first round and did a lot of damage in the Basque ranks. But on that occasion there was an executioner named Frankcamp and now he was not listed. The 'men in black' are still hooked with Betis, therefore, with seven wins in a trio that Fuenla completes, one win from Obradoiro and Estudiantes, things are on fire. Only the GBC seems off the hook, but has just one win less.

Mumbrú marked the initiative from the beginning in a very tight match, with Zyskowski of four, improvising with the Pole to have more physicality and less telescopic sight, and Hakanson as an escort in various phases of the match. This time the coach ruled out Kulboka, who could use the wake-up call. It was clear to him that it was going to be a close match, at a few points, and the one who made the least mistake would take it. And this time he prevailed over one of his teachers.

Murcia rarely connected to the crash. And he had options to do it, like in a 3 + 1 of Strauberry. And Radovic became even more historic in Murcia: he became the club's fourth leading scorer, beating Duane Washington (1,255). Bilbao Basket was much more involved, showing that a large portion of the season was being played, certainly higher than that of the paprika box. Sito didn't know what to pose to change the pace and made four changes in the first quarter, ending with a layup from Rousselle and a basket from Zyskowski with four seconds to go. It was 15-28 and the numbers sang for the visitors, who were walking one step ahead of their opponents: 3-13 in rebound, 7-9 (77%) in shots of two and 4-7 (57%) in triples .

In the second quarter the game was chewed as if it were cement. It cost a world to score and in four minutes the score was 4-0. Bellas came in to give criteria in the direction. Hakanson came out of guard in a good few minutes, although Serron made a mistake with an unsportsmanlike foul. Brown and Balvin were stellar, causing impotence in the Murcian ranks. Thus, Strawberry was punished with technique for 'flopping' and Rojas, always him with a shady gesture, took a foot against Rousselle as a trip, and they whistled him unsportsmanlike. The referees had an afternoon of pain, with a thousand trips to instat replay and seeing things that no one guessed. Dos Anjos gave a good rotation and Huskic did not play. The people of Bilbao had more desire on the rebound, although when they reached +15 (34-49, after a basket by Zyskowski, at 16:25 to finish) came the usual blackout, 12-0 (46-49). Mumbrú asked for a timeout, requested to go hard inside, not only to shoot from the periphery and if they collapsed the area, open to the perimeter. His people reacted with a 0-8. Jenkins took the reins in the final stretch, although the last disconnection was missing: UCAM went 68-69 after 11-0 and 16-3, which produced an exciting toss-up. UCAM took the lead for the first time to 2.08 to finish, with a two plus one from Lima. The drama went into extra time, after a terrible resolution in the final play of RETAbet. Sito's painting opened the addition very thick, he was in tow and it cost him the outcome. End to a chaotic game, in which even Brown made a break for celebrating a basket with Hakanson crashing in midair.

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