Bilbao players change their names against Baskonia for others with social causes

They will appear on the shirts: Inclusion, Volunteering, Solidarity, Sustainability, Education, Hunger 0 and Equality. Mumbrú believes that he will save the category "whoever maintains tranquility."


The derby on Sunday between Bilbao Basket and Baskonia will be wrapped in the silence of an empty Miribilla, but, in addition to the usual spice due to the pulse between neighbors, it will have a very supportive ingredient. Local players will change the name on their jerseys to words that summarize social causes. The club frames the initiative in the "One party, one cause" campaign, which has been promoted by its Foundation together with the financial entity BBK for several seasons.

An action that Bilbao Basket includes in the Club's Strategic Plan, which "aims to join the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) defined in the 2030 Agenda." The names are labeled in Spanish and Basque. "It is a pioneering initiative with which, instead of their surname, 'men in black' will wear some of the most important words to which the program that links the team with the Biscayan associative fabric gives visibility: Inclusion, Volunteering, Solidarity, Sustainability, Education, Hunger 0 and Equality ", welcomes Bilbao Basket.

This season the Biscayan social entities that defend "many good causes" participate in the program 'A match, a cause', such as Asebier, Fundación Argia, Bizitegi, Bancali, Bolunta, Cruz Roja, Once, Pikume, Gorabide, Aspanovas, Ausartzen Caritas, Munduko Medikuak, Bakuva, Sortarazi, Gizakia and Amesten.

These are the names that will appear on the backs of the shirts.

1 INCLUSION (Jaroslaw Zyskoswki) 2 INKLUSIOA (Jonathan Rousselle) 3 VOLUNTEERING (Jaylon Brown) 7 BOLUNTARIOTZA (Tomeu Rigo) 8 SOLIDARITY (Álex Reyes) 10 ELKARTASUNA (Jovan Kljajic) 12 SUSTAINABILITY (Ondrej BalvinORT) 13 EDUCATION (Quentin Serron) 20 HEZKUNTZA (Regimantas Miniotas) 22 HUNGER 0 (Ludde Hakanson) 23 GOSERIK EZ (Goran Huskic) 24 EQUALITY (John Jenkins) 98 BERDINTASUNA (Arnoldas Kulboka)

Bilbao Basket will catch Baskonia after the comeback that it has staged in Saint Petersburg today against Xavi Pascual's Zenit, a fundamental victory (75-79) to continue with options to enter the playoff. He has equaled wins with his rival today and they have the classification in their hand. The Mumbrú team closes the classification in the ACB and below the situation is very tight, although the technician sees it as something anecdotal because the competition is very unbalanced between the odd number of teams and the pending days due to COVID. "Whoever maintains calm and patience will be saved from getting nervous and whoever plays basketball better and has things clearer. And peace of mind comes from work and from day to day. Anxiety is controlled when work is done. What you have done is good to be able to control the matches, "explains the Catalan coach, who has his entire squad.

The derby can be marked by the enormous physique of the Vitoria. Maybe the balance can be tipped over there. "They have two-meter players in almost every position. That leaves few spaces in attack and they also do very well in transitions. It will be difficult and we will have to be very concentrated to stop their way of playing," says Mumbrú, who considers that these three days The margin that the Catalans have between the match between Russia and Miribilla gives them the margin to arrive rested.

There are eleven finals left for the curtain to fall and every minute of every day counts. In Bilbao there is the idea that ten wins can guarantee permanence. But pay attention to the averages. And for that, four more are needed. One should be the Fuenlabrada by obligation. There are Manresa, Murcia, Gran Canaria, Burgos, Joventut ... at the end of the campaign. But doing pools "is the story of the milkmaid" for Mumbrú. "What others do we are looking askance, but we focus more on what we can do," he reflected.

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