Bilbao encourages Athletic: they will wear red and white

Mumbrú t praises Manresa and Rafa Martínez before the decisive match next Saturday. "Every time we are going to play more", refers to the approach of the end of the year.


The RETAbet Bilbao Basket has joined the Biscayan current that tries to push Athletic in the final this Saturday against Real. The ACB team plays this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. against Baxi Manresa at the Bilbao Arena, a few hours before the La Cartuja Cup. "From the family of men in black we want to join the call to dye the city red and white. In the absence of a balcony, we will change our usual black for the zurigorri of the lions to add together and make the Bilbao sport stronger," says the Miribilla club.

The Bilbao Basket DNA will thus have more punch than ever, incorporating the stripes into the usual colors of the away kit. "A way to make ourselves strong together in two dreams more vivid than ever: to see the barge sailing the estuary again and to continue seeing our team, Bilbao Basket, in the ACB. Bizi ametsa!". The Hummel Limited Edition T-shirt can be reserved until April 9 and will reach those interested on the 30th of next month. Its final price is 55 euros (€ 49.5 for members and subscribers).

Bilbao Basket agonized a crucial game in Murcia, pressured by the victory of Betis moments before, worse has had little time for celebrations. He receives a visit from Manresa in Miribilla on Saturday and chaining two victories would make his self-esteem grow a lot. "Any game, also against the rivals from above, is a new opportunity to continue growing. Every time we are going to play more and we have to add, due to the situation we are in," says Mumbrú. "Manresa is also in need because they will want to win so as not to fall off the playoff. When the last days arrive, the stake is always higher, you are always playing something, everyone has things to fight for," explains the coach of the Bilbao Basket.

Now there are 13 healthy players in the squad and each matchday plays a discard. In Murcia it was Kulboka's turn, previously Zyskowski, who was good against the paprika starting as the clash 'four'. "We choose those that we consider to be the best, they earn themselves to appear in each game and there are also tactical parts," adds Mumbrú. The Lithuanian 'four' has taken note, "it is normal, it would be bad not to see a reaction when looking outside." The Catalan coach notes that the team has had better feelings in these last two months, "it is important to do things well and grow as a group"

Finally, he praises Manresa, "where the MVP is the team". "They know what they do, they are up for something, they play well from day one and they understand Pedro Martínez's philosophy." In this sense, he praises two former men in black: "Rafa Martínez is very important for any team, on and off the court. We know the experience he has, he reads the game very well, he is a special player that everyone He likes to have a team. And Tabu (decisive in the first lap), he is not participating much, but with Dani Pérez's injury he plays something else. Dani is an engine in terms of assists, but they have signed Ferrari. "

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