Berenguer maintains the euphoria

A goal from the Navarrese winger in the 92nd minute denied a new tie to one that seemed written against Granada. Villalibre opened the scoring and Molina equalized.

The Athetic has declared a state of optimism and not only because of the deeds and the enjoyment of the team in the qualifying rounds. That optimistic current also moves and now enjoys LaLiga. And all for Berenguer, who is touched by a magic wand. When the match against Granada seemed over, his prodigious boot appeared, hunting a loose ball with his left foot after a good play. The way to the Europa League through the regularity tournament is possible for the lions, who scored very early, renounced the sentence with a penalty missed by Raúl García, and were tied by Molina. The tie at one, that result so crushing that it even irritates Narcelino, vanished due to the faith of an indomitable Navarrese. Molina himself had the final sip on the tip, but he couldn't get it right. El Molde already awaits the Nasrids in the Europa League.

Marcelino wants top works, his stamp to be noticed, to handle author's equipment. And his hand made clear marks on the match from the starting lineup. If in the Orriols Cup semifinal he was surprised that he did not make changes until extra time, this time he unleashed a wild revolution. Balenziaga formed for the first time as a starting center-back in a defensive line of four. Ibai made his debut this season in the eleven, and see that there have been games like Ibiza's against lower-ranking teams, while Lekue settled on the left side. With respect to Thursday, only two players repeated, the goalkeeper's logical and a Núñez with whom 45 minutes was agreed for him and the same ration, in the second half, for Yeray. These movements on the board are also essential to win finals, like those two that are expected within 14 days from April 3. That seems far away but it is not so far. And on Wednesday there is a game, at the Wanda no less.

Although Granada had had a week of torment, with twelve casualties due to injury, in the end they presented a fairly well-groomed and recognizable team, with nine first swords, it could be said that all except Quini and Vico. The party stretched sparkling, with a lot of rhythm. In three minutes he had already given news. A combination from the left between Morcillo, Sancet and Villalibre led to 1-0. The 'Buffalo' made a gesture of a pure nine, of a predator of the area, orienting the ball on his back, turning quickly before Germán and striking the rapier. The bearded battering ram plays with his body like no one else. It is a terror for the defense. He perfectly reads the unmarkings, attacks the space, stops his face and despite that appearance of a slow mastodon, he moves around the field with great cunning and is a lightning bolt into the hole. Something so close to the opening whistle (the third earliest in the league in the history of the new San Mamés) always comforts and helps to have more self-esteem, especially in a block with so many meritorious ones. It was strange to see Athletic without a goal against the start and with strong arms to swim against the current.Granada did not receive the goal with bitterness, yes. On the contrary, he threw himself into the forest with high pressure and caused some doubts among the lions. Something ephemeral, because Athletic was fluid, he was jovial in the last meters of the field. Not even with so many new faces is Marcelino's team disfigured. It was again a compact group, well armed, with the lines together and conceding very little to the enemy, only a header that went far after 1-0 and another from Molina centered and easy to stop in minute 29. The locals were more vertical and direct, without stylistic monsergas, which is always advocated by the one who carries the blackboard in Bilbao, and Granada was more keen on actions. The rojiblancos did not suffer although near the break the ball lived under arrest at the feet of the Nasrid. There were no clear occasions, but the compass did seem to be oriented from north to south.

Another header from a corner from Duarte as soon as the second period started completed the triplet of headshots in the Granada game, which ended everything in the air. Each center to the Bilbao area held a corner kick. Diego Martínez activated the changes, with Soldier as the last bullet. His team was better in the second half. Of course, he was scared when Kenedy knocked down Vencedor in 70. Raúl García threw it to the right, but Rui Silva read it very well and blocked the shot. A strange day for the specialists in that fateful point, since a little more than two hours before, very close to Oyarzabal also put a blur. If in the case of Donostia that did not prevent the 1-0, in this case an old wolf like Molina did change the result: he tied after a great center from Puertas, helped by Capa, who was beaten easily on the ground. It was checked for possible hand of the tip, but there was nothing. The tie to one is already a routine in Athletic, which received the tie as a slap in the face and the changes did not correct its offensive myopia. All but one, the brave Berenguer.

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