Beating, expulsion of Laso and Madrid against the ropes

The pivot's injury in the 21st minute (44-44) disarms the whites against the great Turkish team. Laso was sent off for double technique. In the second part, 67-41


An Anadolu Efes from less to more burned Madrid in the WiZink Center, the floodgates that the whites put in to stop the flow of talent from the Turkish team were of no use, the quality of Ataman's men overflowed and flooded the parquet in the second half without Tavares: Larkin, Micic, Simon ... The three great game generators of those in Istanbul, the props of a thriving block of class compared to a Madrid that has added, to its structural limitations in the squad, significant casualties like those of Llull and Randolph. The last mishap came on Tuesday with Tavares hip problems in the 21st minute (44-44) that took him out of the crash. An absence that triggered the Turkish beating, which ended with Laso sent off by two techniques in the last second of the third quarter. An 83-108 final (-25) that borders on the biggest merengue defeat at home in the history of the European Cup: 58-86 (-28) in 2002 against Virtus Bologna of Ginobili and Messina. Despite the forceful shaking, Real is still alive at this time, still dependent on itself (on Friday Olympiacos and the following Thursday Fenerbahçe) for the defeat of Zenit against CSKA.

The recent path of Madrid was remembered by Laso in the previous one. A defense that supports the team and wear and tear that takes its toll on fluidity in attack. This Tuesday, however, the start was the opposite, dispersing back against a Krunoslav Simon who did what he wanted against Causeur: generate with the ball, assist, find good shots for him, cut to the basket ... 6, at 13-20, the Croatian, the best player of more than 35 years in this Euroleague, had 13 points and two assists, 17 of the 20 blue goals came from his hands.

The Turkish defense was very close to walling Tavares and Deck near the rim, teaching the whites the line of three, but they did not accept the gambit and followed their plan. Deck hit the post and Alocen produced in front of Larkin while Garuba bounced and helped create spaces. The rejections were from Real and that gave him confidence and new options: 20-20 already with Rudy on the track a month and a half after falling back.The injury of Tavares and the dominance of Micic

Thompkins entered spirited, on a fine day, and then his team leaned towards the triple voluntarily (5 of 7 in the second quarter), now with Laprovittola in command, which gave him minimal advantages (42 -41 at rest). And that's where Madrid came. In the third action of the second half, Garuba, after Singleton's staff, fell on Tavares with all his weight on the bent leg of his partner, extreme risk for the knee, which resisted the twist, not the hip, which was very sore. Edy lasted a few more seconds on the track, enough to commit two consecutive fouls in two + 1s. On the bench and without him, Micic reigned as Simon had done, adding entries and from the staff and, above all, creating a game for his teammates, especially for Sanli, a 2.12 that was lined to receive balls with everything done: 50-64.

Madrid, however, did not deliver first because Garuba was a whirlwind of pure energy and Alocen rode despite his four fouls: 62-67. Beaubois would have three free throws and seconds later the referees called another three for a foul by Thompkins in a triple attempt by Larkin. In the repetition it is seen that Larkin is the one who raises the leg. The action was next to the white bench and Laso saw it very close. From the first technique due to the protests to the second and the disqualification of the coach, who did not stop saying things to the referees as he headed towards the changing room and now we will have to see if there is a sanction.

Larkin made numbers, three throws from the 4.60 m line, plus another two, he holed all five to close the third act: 64-76. The American had activated, from 0 points in minute 27 to 16 (and 5 assists). Efes was not going to stop (67-41 in the second half), it had been difficult for him to start but now he was launched with everything, unleashed with his stars plugged in: 72-97 and 81-108. The best team from last season, the one that was left deserted, is now knocking on Barça's door to resolve continental hegemony. If neither of them fails, it will be in two months at the Final Four in Cologne.

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