Baskonia adds to Fuenla with a sweet Polonara

The Italian finished with 15 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists (27 PIR) before the crucial week for the Vitorian team in the Euroleague (Olympiacos and Barça).


The game began with a great protagonism of Fall, who became very big in the painting. But where there was more spectacle was in the Henry-Trimble matchup, which, in the first quarter, was won by the visiting point guard, who left with 10 points. Giedraitis, based on triples, also did a lot of damage to the Madrid rim. It was a really even period (9-9, min. 4) in which Baskonia did not defend very hard. In fact, in the first six minutes, he only committed a personal foul. By the 8th, Ivanovic had already used all three of the team's centers. That quarter ended with a technique to the Fuenlabran bench, which was much protested.

The second started with a triple by Peters. In fact, TD Systems began to stretch the rubber (31-20, min. 12) but the Juárez team did their best in defense and there were hugs to 34 and 37 on the scoreboard. It was when Giedraitis returned to grease his wrist and opened another gap favorable to the Vitorians. High score at half-time and a really attractive game, even though Trimble had to go through the bench because he received a blow near the elbow and they had to put a protective bandage on him. 48-41 and 20 minutes ahead at the Buesa Arena. Juárez had used his twelve men in the middle of the crash. A lot of rotation to give freshness to its people.

Fall entered the quintet in the third period but lasted 55 seconds. But it is that, after a minute and a half, Ivanovic also sat Jekiri to incorporate Diop, who was the one that worked best for him. With 55-50, Urbas threatened to approach but in 28, the Basques won again by 12 (66-54). Five Baskonia players and three from Fuenla had scored 10 points or more at the end of the third quarter. Dragic saw a technique in the final period but Baskonia escaped in the final minutes. In fact, he flirted with a score of difference, being three times with +19. Seven Ivanovic players passed ten in scoring, something that all coaches dream of. Next week he has a triple commitment with Olympiacos and Barcelona in the Euroleague and Obradoiro in the ACB League. Those from the south of Madrid will have the whole week to prepare their match of the weekend and continue fighting for permanence. In Vitoria they left a good taste in the mouth, especially Trimble and Meindl.

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