Barkley: "Jordan and Kobe couldn't do what Harden does in attack"

The former player and commentator raves about the Nets player, proclaiming him the best in the world right now.


James Harden is one of those players who leaves almost no one indifferent and who attracts philias and phobias in equal measure. His way of playing in his years in Houston made him win many antipathies among the public, since they understood that his game was based basically on three factors: individualism, triples and personal force. A formula backed in many cases by the game of the Rockets, a team with ring aspirations that never gave enough performance to win it.With his transfer to the Brooklyn Nets after pushing the situation to the limit to leave Texas, it did not take long for those who said they were happy about the departure of La Barba from Houston, seeing a new and hopeful future for the Rockets, while doubting that the project in New York it would work, among other things because of Harden's supposed individualism that would make it impossible for him to live with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. All of these prophecies have proven unfounded, with the Rockets sunk in second to last place in the West and racking up a 21-game losing streak in a row, as the Nets battle for the lead in the East with a spectacular James Harden. Perhaps the best we've ever seen.

The current game of the escort (which acts as a de facto base) has led Charles Barkley to make one of those comments so much his in which there are no grays. "James Harden is the best basketball player in the world right now. And I mean this without wanting to disrespect LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo," declared the commentator on ESPN. Harden is averaging 25.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 11.2 assists (first in the league in this section) and, since arriving in Brooklyn, the averages rise to 26, 8.9 and 11.4.

But Barkley didn't stop there and pointed to him as the best attacking player he has ever seen: "He's the most amazing player I've ever seen in attack. Look, Jordan and Kobe were better players from a defensive point of view, but offensively. They couldn't shoot three like him, they weren't as good at dribbling, attacking the basket and taking fouls from the rival. " Can James Harden be the greatest offensive player of all time?

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