Bale: "I keep my head down and I don't say anything stupid"

The Welshman sends a message to those who criticize him after scoring a double and giving an assist in his last game for Tottenham.


Bale hit the table this Sunday collaborating extensively in Tottenham's victory against Burnley with two goals and one assist. A knock on the table after Mourinho exposed him by saying that he had tried to be "discreet with him." Since then, four goals in his last four appearances.

Asked by Sky Sport, the Real Madrid Welshman was sincere with the criticisms: “I know they criticize you, but I have enough experience to keep my head down, not say anything stupid and continue playing the best I can. The game was good for me, I have been improving a little to be completely fit, I felt comfortable and my form is returning, it is good to help the team. ”

His form is getting so good again that there is a current of thought among the fans calling for his start at the top in the eleven guy alongside Kane and Son: “Playing with them is the reason I came here and what he wanted to do. It's great to be on the court and feel good. And to be able to feel some confidence. We know that football is not fair at times and people criticize, but the only thing we can do on the inside is to keep going, and today the team and myself have shown it. ”

Then, Bale extended the reasoning on the BBC: "I have been happy all season. In the dressing room I feel comfortable and I have fun. I am happy and sure that he is showing on the field. I was not upset about being substituted. There are many games to come. It is important to continue accumulating minutes in each game ".

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