Bale flies in the Premier

Six games, six goals and three assists later, the still Real Madrid player is recovering his best version under Mourinho.


It is no longer a streak, it is a reality. Gareth is back to being Bale. Six games after the challenge that Mourinho threw him for his poor performance, the Welshman has taken off, and he has done it as he likes to do things on a pitch. With power, without leaving anyone indifferent and showing that, by quality, he is still one of the best players in Europe. Six games, six goals and three assists later, the still Real Madrid player flies for England. And he does it, in addition, with a smile that has not been seen for years.

Seeing him play right now is, directly, a kind of trip to the past without moving from the present. The power with which he fell in love with the Bernabéu and the former White Hart Lane in its purest form. His partnership with Harry Kane is also spectacular and hopeful for Mourinho, who is already rubbing his hands with the form of the trident in his hands. The Englishman put the first on a tray at the far post as soon as the match began, and, despite the Crystal Palace draw, another combination of his with Bale, who started the play, ended in Cardiff's double, this time with a header. Just 3 minutes later, Kane himself would kill the game with a first-touch goal from outside the area.

He himself, who had a great game with 2 goals and 2 assists, would push the last goal in the final stretch after a drop from Son. The connection between the two, which has already produced 14 goals, is the most prolific in the history of the competition in a single season. The result leaves the sixth spurs just one point behind Everton and two from Chelsea, who will face tomorrow in a direct duel that will mark, and much, how the fight for European places will be.

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