Bale counts for Madrid

In the entity they rub their hands with their explosion in the Premier. He has 10 goals, as many as Vinicius, Hazard, Rodrygo and Asensio together.

In the offices of the Bernabéu they begin to rub their hands with the unexpected situation that Gareth Bale (31 years old) is experiencing, a true rebirth in the Premier at the hand of Mourinho when it seemed that all was lost. Without a doubt, what the Portuguese coach said ("I have tried to be discreet with him", he went on to say), has served as a turning point. That was February 12. Then, Bale has chained a magnificent sequence of six goals scored in the last six games he has played. Furthermore, the Welshman has ten goals this season, as many as they have scored between Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio and Hazard. On the last day he scored two at Crystal Palace.

They rub their hands in their offices because the reality is that Bale continues to be one of the greatest assets of the diminished current workforce. He has one contract campaign left and, the higher his performance, the more options Madrid will have next summer to maneuver with this tab. Bale, on the other hand, has high hopes for the next European Championship, according to AS from his closest environment, and has focused his planning for this tournament. It is to be hoped, therefore, that it continues to grow. At the moment, for what he has played, he has numbers very similar to Benzema's. The Frenchman scores a goal every 137 minutes and Bale does it every 114. Yes, Bale has more goals than Benzema… still.

In the white entity, none of the hypotheses with Welsh are ruled out today. The most favorable for Madrid is that Bale goes to more and that there are offers for him in the summer (Transfermarkt gives him a market value of 25 million). There is another, which is considered more feasible, that everything continues to go well for Tottenham and that Daniel Levy accepts another year on loan. In that case, it would be necessary to discuss whether Londoners would pay the entire token. And a third option could even be that he would return to the ranks of Madrid, an issue that, according to AS affirmed from the footballer's environment, should not be completely ruled out (even more so in a scenario in which Zidane was not on the bench) .

Much more relaxed.

"I feel good, sometimes it takes a little time, but I have enough experience to be patient," said the forward on loan from Madrid after his last great performance against Crystal Palace. And now, there is a clamor for him to form an attacking trident in the eleven guy with Kane (who scored, like him, two goals) and Son. "I would not have come if I had not thought that I could contribute. It has taken time, but that is the reality of football and my body. I feel good now, I hope I can maintain this form ..." And at the Madriod, they take notes.

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