Atlético 1x1: Oblak recovers the wall, João scores again

The rojiblanco team left the goal after eight games conceding. Lemar left with discomfort and Suárez did not see the yellow, so he will be in the derby.


Oblak: Got a clean sheet eight games later and did it with a fantastic performance. Tremendous hand to avoid the goal of Baena in a powerful shot that had touched in Savic. Villarreal's own youth squad had been about to score with a shot to the crosshead. Oblak had already avoided Gerard Moreno's goal on a double occasion, with a subsequent header that was about to become a goal, but with the help of Koke they avoided it on the line. He even left a save to a shot by Gerard Moreno with his hand.

Savic: A huge season for the Montenegrin, who was rewarded with a half goal. He won in the jump to Pedraza, finished off a great center by Lemar and the ball ended up entering the goal after touching Asenjo and the Villarreal midfielder. In defense he started off to the right in the line of three, but as the minutes passed he began to form a pair of centrals with Felipe. Very safe and strong in melee with the team very far behind.

Felipe: Very good game in defense. The Brazilian continues to improve his version when he plays as the last man in the line of three centrals or in this case with Savic. He saw a yellow in the first half that caused him to have to be careful the rest of the game. Above is very powerful.

Vrsaljko: Return to the team and directly to the eleven after missing two consecutive games. Right back, his entry allows Llorente to free to attack. He put intensity and tried to close his side with the collaboration of Correa in aid. In attack he tried to find the uncheck to Llorente's space that he does so well. He participated in the second goal with a cross where Pau's clearance fell to João Félix. In defense he did not complicate the least, without hesitating to clear.

Hermoso: He had to dance with Chukwueze, the most incisive rival and willing to face one against one in each play. If Atlético closed with three behind from the start, he went on to play as a left back in a position where he suffers the most. Lemar tried to help him with Chukwueze, who always wanted to tickle him inside and out.

Saúl: Very committed tactical game of the midfielder. He started the match by varying his position with Lemar between the middle and the band, but as the minutes went by he stood at the pivot next to Koke in a line of four in the middle. He looked for the goal with a good shot that Asenjo cleared for a corner on the play that would later lead to the first mattress goal. In the second half he played as a left wing to try to block Chukwueze. Although he saw the yellow very soon, he was recovering and finished very well.

Koke: The captain tried to be the team's departure in midfield, although he had several unusual pass failures that led to a counterattack. A lot of physical display, with a capital help to Oblak to prevent Gerard Moreno's shot from entering the goal. In the last minutes with the entry of Kondogbia and Torreira he also moved to the left to try to block Chukwueze together.

Llorente: Back on the offensive field with the presence of Vrsaljko on the right side. In the first half he was placed behind Luis Suárez forming a pair up front. With the return to the defense of three center-backs in the second half he got closer to Koke in the double pivot and with the replacement of Suárez he went on to play as a forward. A wild card, but he is much happier when he changes his position in the final meters and not in the right lane. He once again showed his physical strength in the melee and in the unmarkings to space.

Lemar: Left at halftime due to a blow and ice on the left calf. In the last play of the first half he had hit Capoue with his elbow in an apparently involuntary way, but the VAR called the referee who took him the yellow. A lot of work collaborating with Hermoso to stop Chukwueze. Fantastic cross for Savic that led to Pedraza's own goal. The Frenchman is very important in the team, it would be a very sensitive loss for the derby.

Correa: The Argentinean played as a right inside and always collaborating with Vrsaljko. A lot of work in defense and imbalance in attack, trying to stretch the team with his dribbles. Against Villarreal he had one of those games that shine little, where he is seen and named on few occasions, but they are a blessing for Simeone and in this case for Vrsaljko.

Luis Suárez: Game suffered for the Uruguayan, but always committed. In the first half he tried to lower a ball on his back to give the team a start. In the second, the team pressed closer to the rival area and Suárez was able to appear more, causing Albiol to yellow and testing Asenjo with a powerful right hand that the Palencia player fantastically cleared. He was prepared for the derby, but did not see the yellow before being replaced by Kondogbia in the 75th minute with 0-2 on the scoreboard. Without him, the team had no reference.

João replaced Lemar at half-time

João Félix: Entered at half-time for Lemar to position himself on the left wing. In the beginning he had many encounters with Foyth, with a lot of friction in all the contacts. Entering through the midfielder, he opened for Vrsaljko and received the rebound from Pau to control with his chest and put the ball in the corner of Asenjo's goal in his seventh goal in the League. He ended up playing in tip. He is extremely talented, although he needs to gain strength in melee and intensity in defensive aids.

Kondogbia: The Frenchman replaced Suárez to reinforce the midfield. He was good in several balls divided in his own area and, without a clear exit upstairs, he dedicated himself to clearing each ball that fell on his feet with force.

Torreira: Formed double pivot with Kondogbia in the last minutes. More strength for the middle and the attempt to prevent Parejo from being able to continue filtering balls with comfort for the forwards.

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