Atlético 1x1: the Llorente-Suárez partnership is golden

The rojiblanco team had to come back, but they won a capital victory. Carrasco's great game again, a dagger from the left wing.


Oblak: In Athletic's first shot it became a goal. Munain hit him badly, bit after touching both legs, which made it difficult for the Slovenian to act. Atlético has lost that strength behind. In the last eleven games he has conceded in ten, something that has become the great handicap of the team. Unai Núñez tested him in the discount with a very focused header. Very confident and brave on his last outings.

Trippier: His return is essential for Atleti, once again being an exit for the team from behind in the right profile. In defense, Athletic's attacks were concentrated on their wing, with Muniain and Yuri falling for their wing and making the English suffer, but they remained strong and forceful.

Savic: With three behind he participated outlined to the right. He could not cut the ball that reached Muniain and became the goal of the visiting team. Atlético suffered from the visitor pressure and the centrals had difficulties when it came to getting the ball out, having to resort to hitting a ball looking for Suárez.

Felipe: Atlético once again alternated the three centrals with a defense of four. With three he played last man, but failed to block Williams' center in Athletic's goal. He went from less to more, improving his performance in the second half. He saw a yellow that will prevent him from being against Getafe due to a hard foul on the striker. He did not want to complicate against Williams, faster than him and always looked for an easy exit with clearance on the wing to avoid any failure. It is not the one of last season, although in the aerial game it is still insurmountable.

Hermoso: Athletic was aware that it is in charge of getting the ball better from behind and pressed so that it could not receive comfortably and lift its head at the start of the game. In the second half he was very serious, closing very well all Athletic attempts to enter his profile and being able to appear more with the ball.

Carrasco: Incisive, he was the one who tried the most to dribble and individual overflow against the close Athletic defense. He tried the shot on several occasions, although Unai Simón always responded well. Although he has just returned from injury, he is still full of confidence and in each play he knows that individually he can with almost anyone. In defense he was always a help to Hermoso, returning to play for a large part of the game as a lane. The Belgian is fundamental in this team because of his ability to stretch the team and give an exit to the counter with his speed and ability to face. He ended up very tired.

Koke: It was difficult for the captain to command the pressure from the team after a very good start. Athletic came out with numerical superiority, since they took advantage of the three centrals with a single reference above and Koke and his teammates were late. With the ball he suffered the pressure of Athletic, without ease to break the front row. Physically he always leaves a huge display, always trying to be a help to his companions. When he could appear more with the ball, at the beginning of the two halves, they were the best minutes of the team, but he had a very hard game and fights for every meter.

Llorente: One day after his explosion at Anfield, he scored a golden goal again. Powerful header to a Lemar center that after touching Unai Núñez became the equalizer before the break. He also participated in the second goal with a great ball into space for Suárez, a play that they are increasingly promoting and that he would repeat shortly after with danger again. In the first half he had tried to exploit his strength and speed on the wing, but he was always very well marked by the Athletic defenders. With the change of Suárez, he started to play as a benchmark up and down. He asked for the change because he was out of oxygen in another big game.

Lemar: Again in a completely interior position with freedom of movement. Great assist for Llorente's goal with a precise cross to the penalty spot. He tried to participate a lot with the ball and give his teammates an exit from below. When he receives he always seeks to oxygenate the game by opening to the most uncongested side, giving the team great peace of mind. He left his place to Saúl to reinforce the environment.

João Félix: He returned to the eleven in a position very similar to Correa in the derby, thrown to the right wing. Athletic was clear that he did not want the Portuguese to play and constantly stopped him with fouls, causing several yellows. He left a great play in the first half after leaving three rivals, but Unai Núñez snatched the ball from him when he was already looking at the goal. He needs to participate more, but tried to be more active on defense before giving Correa his space in the 66th minute.

Luis Suárez: Another goal for the Uruguayan, who invented a penalty with a large cut in the area and culminated it by cheating Unai Simón at the launch. There are already 18. The Uruguayan is a specialist, something that the rojiblanco team did not have until his arrival. The first part had been unpleasant, with a lot of back play and the team in the back. He is accumulating many minutes and he looks a bit fatigued, but he always gives the team a lot. He understands marvelously with Llorente and manages perfectly when he has to throw the uncheck to avoid falling offside. He had another partner in Carrasco, with good game changes and centers for the Belgian. Rested the last 20 minutes.

Changes to close behind

Belt: Joined by João Félix to form an attacking pair with Suárez, but with a lot of work capacity. Very participative and with constant movement, he tried to keep the team from looking for the goal when Suárez left.

Saúl: He put muscle in the middle, which was leaving gaps in front of Athletic's control of the ball. With the ball he tried to find the closest partner without complicating himself or losing possession to a possible counter. Very good last defensive action to prevent the arrival of Berenguer in the last moments.

Torreira: Change for Suárez to completely change the rojiblanca formation, moving Llorente to the attack point and reinforcing the midfield.

Lodi: He replaced Carrasco in the left lane in the last moments.

Kondogbia: Entered in the last minute to close the match and enhance the team's aerial game. Injury time was with the fully armored midfield.

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