Aston Martin introduces the classiest car on the grid

Vettel and Stroll will drive the AMR21, a twin-seater with the Mercedes that aims for podiums and even victories. Green returns to F1.


Pure elegance. Aston Martin presented its AMR21, the car of Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll for the 2021 season. A true British standard that recovers the traditional green of English racing and also aspires to be the third car on the grid in the hands of a four-time champion of the world. In sight, many details of the Mercedes, from which Racing Point was inspired last year, and a rear engine cover in the style of the one the Germans presented last Tuesday. More stylized than the McLaren, in appearance, even with the same engine.

"It is a great moment in the history of our F1 team, that Aston Martin return to F1 (they did not compete since 1960) is great news for racing," said Otmar Szafnauer, CEO of the team that has taken a leap from undeniable quality with input from Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, father of Lance, proud link between the Silverstone team that was formerly Force India and the English automaker: "My first dream was to have an F1 team and my second, to have a part of the Aston Martin Lagonda shareholding. Today marks the third with the presentation of the AMR21 ".

Precisely, if something could be attributed to certain teams in the championship, it was the lack of tradition behind it. It is difficult for a fan to identify with a car called 'Racing Point'. It is impossible not to generate attraction by resorting to a British insignia with more years of history than Ferrari itself, together with a color that combines tradition and future. And anticipation: Tom Brady or James Bond himself (Daniel Craig) took part in the presentation."It is a team that has potential"

What does this car aspire to? Without difficulties it can be the third or fourth in question, behind Mercedes and Red Bull, but not far from the second, and in a tough fight with Ferrari if the Italians regain the path of podiums. Sergio Pérez won a race in 2020, that speaks to the possibilities of this team, which expand with Vettel, because the 33-year-old German is one of the most talented drivers of his generation, although his last campaigns at Ferrari were disappointing.

"I have driven for four F1 teams for many years, but starting a season with a new one is always exciting. This team has impressed me in recent years with all they have done without the biggest budget, I see potential. When Lawrence (Stroll) and Otmar (Szafnauer) asked me last year, and they explained their ambitions, I was immediately motivated by the project. I love the history of Aston Martin ", said the renewed Seb, outside the tensions of Ferrari:" The The car is spectacular and I'm looking forward to testing it out on the track. "

"I wouldn't be here if it weren't because I want more successes. Winning is too ambitious for now, but it is still the goal of all of us who are here, that's why we compete," says the German. Trade Leclerc for Stroll as a partner. The comparisons are hateful. Although the Canadian, 22, defends himself with a pole and several podiums in his career from the status of 'paid driver'. With a first cousin to the Mercedes and Hamilton's biggest rival in the last decade with another car, Aston Martin promises a show.

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