"You are very weak": LaMelo's lack of respect for Campazzo and his brilliant response

Campazzo had a great game, with 4 steals and 10 assists (an NBA record), but he also had this encounter with LaMelo Ball, the Hornets' rookie.


Nikola Jokic was once again the undisputed leader of the Nuggets by contributing a triple-double in the game that they easily beat the Hornets, breaking their streak of four consecutive victories. The pivot went to 12 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists that helped the Nuggets (24-16) to get the second consecutive victory, the eighth in the last 10 games played, with which they return to second place in the Northwest Division and the fifth of the Western Conference.

Jokic's triple-double was his 10th so far this season and 51st since he came to the NBA. And although his performance was, once again, masterful, he was not the only one that stood out. Michael Porter Jr. also maintained his great moment of play and achieved a double-double of 21 points and 13 rebounds, which left him as the best player of the Nuggets in the paint. While Will Barton scored 23 points as the leader of the Nuggets attack, who finished with 58% in shots from the field, in addition to scoring 16 3-pointers of 44 attempts.

But if there was a destabilizing player and the winning surprise factor with the Nuggets, it was Facundo Campazzo, who came out of reserve to play 25 minutes full of spectacular actions. In addition to giving a lesson in ball handling and direction in the attacking game to the rookie second pick in the last college draw, LaMelo Ball. Campazzo finished the game with 6 points, 2 rebounds, 10 assists, and 4 steals. He showed all his class when it came to anticipating the ball recoveries and his handling of the ball towards the rival basket was consistent with touches of magic and a masterful pass from his back to Porter Jr. for his teammate to make a great dunk.

Before Campazzo's great game, Ball, who played 22 minutes, finished with 14 points after scoring 5 of 11 shots from the field. And they both had an altercation. The base of Jordan's team wanted to throw 'trash talking' against the Argentine and during the second quarter he provoked him by saying: "You're weak and that's why you don't play anymore." Ball did not achieve the desired effect, quite the opposite. The Hornets guard stung the pride of his rival, who showed his great vision of the game and his anticipation during the night. And the Argentine was able to combine both virtues in the same play and in the face of LaMelo. Campazzo showed all his class when it came to stealing the ball to end the play with a masterful pass from the back in the face of LaMelo himself. An assists that his teammate Michael Porter Jr. did not waste to finish with a great dunk.

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