Approved and suspended: Gerard Moreno walks through Europe

The forward originated the two goals for Villarreal and gave a new exhibition in a Euro League match. Pau and Albiol saw the door.


Rulli: He played the whole game conditioned by a strong blow to the head that, at times, made one fear that he would be substituted, however he complied with a note. He covered very well in a set piece action in which he went almost to the area line, in fact he had more work away from the sticks than under them. There he was very attentive to go out to clear and avoid dangerous actions.

Foyth: One more match in which the word 'prudence' is championed. Exercising as a winger again, he neither projected excessively in attack nor assumed risks in defense and thus a serious game took shape in which he made no mistakes and covered Gelson well.

Pau: Heads and tails of the yellow center-back, who, although he overtook his team by pushing an excellent center from Gerard, had to leave crying due to muscular problems at halftime.

Albiol: At 35 he scored in a match in Europe. The center-back caught a rebound inside the area and did not hesitate to shoot the rival goal. In general terms it was a good match, although he gave away the leather in a ball out and the rival action did not end in a goal because Gelson sent the leather to the clouds.

Pedraza: Fireproof in attack and defense. He tried his luck with a shot from the band that ended up on the outside of the net, where he contributed the most danger was with the centers, in fact, a ball into his area originated Albiol's goal.

Capoue: Silent worker, did not allow a single against Dinamo, in the second half he was more participatory in the ball output as the locals raised the pressure lines.

Parejo: Good game from the midfielder, who showed the arrival to the area that he has missed in some recent appointments. As soon as the game started, he put a measured cross at the far post after a corner that Trigueros narrowly missed. He tried it from outside the area with a tight shot, but went wide.

Trigueros: He stepped on the area repeatedly but today he was diverted. He tried it first with a volley almost in the small area that went to the side of the goal, also with two shots from outside the area and finally with a hand-to-hand, somewhat esocrado, in which the first shot went to the 'doll' and the second sent him to the clouds.

Gerard: Key one more day and that did not score. The first goal was born from his assistance to Pau Torres in which he was a powerful low center that the center-back did not miss. The second goal came from a rebound ... after a header from Gerard himself, who soared superbly above his pair. He was able to get his slice of the cake, but missed heads-up with a somewhat soft finish.

Chukwueze: From more to less. In the first half he faced twice and both involved attacking actions for his team, one a shot from Parejo another an advantage to Gerard. However, in the second half he was not so successful.

Alcácer: Participative. Although he did not score, he was involved in several attack actions and in fact was able to score a high heel goal at the exit of a corner but a Dinamo defender served under the sticks. He supported Trigueros with a wall in an action that did not end in a goal due to the midfielder's failure.


Funes Mori: Without fissures, he got on very well with Albiol and like his fellow positions, he also wanted to see the goal with a header, but it came out soft.

Bacca: He did not find the goal, but he tried with a play on the edge of the area that ended with a shot that went wide.

Moi Gómez: He jumped into the green with so much energy that in the first jump he fell on top of a rival player. He barely had time to make a move.

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