Antetokounmpo also reigns in the most decaffeinated All-Star

Damian Lillard, a Blazers player, scored from far away to certify the victory for LeBron James' team. The MVP was Giannis Antetokounmpo.


The All-Star that should never have been contested had nothing to do with its predecessor. To the pandemic, already obvious, the effect of the death of Kobe Bryant was added, although the adapted format is still in force and seems a good idea in the medium term. But above all, the development of the All-Star Party itself changed, much less disputed than in 2020. Some players took it again as a break while they were on the squad. Team LeBron took the victory at the Elam Ending after winning the first three quarters, which score independently despite points worth of resolution. The Durant Team, precisely one of those absent from the appointment, was known to be inferior in player by player and did not waste a gram of force trying to hit everyone who valued them below their rival in the nose.The appointment, on a hectic night in terms of schedule but lack of punch in the merely practical, took place at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. In the stands, sanitation workers and NBA personnel. Little more. The public was not admitted. Yes, a game was held despite the reluctance of the players, who are the protagonists of these moments. LeBron was captain but had also shown his strong opposition to such a night, so he asked Snyder to play only 13 minutes. Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Devin Booker were chosen in one way or another, but were removed from the list due to injury. Worse was Simmons and Embiid, who were quarantined in the city when the hairdresser who had treated them two days ago in Philadelphia, where they are both teammates, tested positive. An outrage, in its negative connotation: it didn't look good at all.

Irving made the first basket of the game, but his team did not give what was expected. Curry caught the first good streak, even scoring a triple from ten meters, when on the other ring Zion Williamson missed three simple dunks. Difference in intensity and mischief, which also did its part. The departure of Harden gave another air to the Blues, who began to press on the scoreboard better as the minutes passed. But ahead in almost all stripes were the yellows, with Antetokounmpo putting a shot of three on the board that would serve as an example to see how successful he was this Sunday: MVP also of the All-Star with 35 points and 16/16 in shots field, historical record of this event. The opening quarter was resolved 39-40, by a sigh.

In the second period Durant's team received 60 points. It started with better defenses, or just defenses, and reached the highest score of the game. That was where the expectation for the game dropped substantially.

The key was there, before the break. The exchange of triples crushed a team that had less quality. Curry pulled the car there and those 19 goals from distance were very helpful to win the game in full.The third set, with appearances by friends Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal, was also resolved by one point. Fortune did not smile on those equipped with blue, who were left at the gates of being able to make the charitable donation on which the two-room format is now supported. And to the last period, in which he already counted the total of the previous three, he came with a tremendous disadvantage. To the 146 points in which the team that was ahead was put, that of a LeBron James already dressed with the warm-up covers, the 24 were added in honor of Kobe Bryant and 170 would be the mark to be reached to achieve close the match. Although Anteto was the dominator, that final blow belonged to a hot Damian Lillard and eager to be the protagonist of victory. Two triples almost in a row they drove them and a third from the center line of the court, like the one that Paul George put - today, partner - two years ago to eliminate him, they were enough.

The night was long, but the timing of the game itself was not. It was noted that there were people who wanted to leave Atlanta as soon as possible. They are days of hiatus and the calendar is very tight, with postponements already in mind for many franchises. The coronavirus continues to kill and celebrating this event was not the priority. The show was what it was. It's time to rest and think of something better.

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