Another star returns from China: Hamsik arrives in Sweden

Star of Calcio, he left Naples in 2019 as an idol. He has ended his stage in China and returns to Europe via Sweden to prepare for the European Championship.


Goteborg have not made their signing official, but Marek Hamsik has only a few hours left to become a player for the Swedish team. The former star and absolute idol of the Naples fans, returns from a Chinese football that wrecks European football via Sweden. The player arrived in Sweden this Sunday and his signing is expected to be made official on Monday.

Despite the pandemic, Hamsik was received at the airport by many Goteborg fans who, with incredulous faces seeing that his signing was so close, already had a song prepared for him. "Ole, ole, ole, Marek, Marek!" The Slovakian heard when he was just crossing the Swedish border. He was surrounded for a massive photo in which, yes, few wore a mask apart from the footballer.

At the airport, according to the Swedish press, he was also received by the sports director and the club president. Housed in a hotel, he waits to pass the medical examination and close his return to European football as a free agent.

Why a return to Sweden?

Goteborg appears as a new horizon in the career of Marek Hamsik, who is looking in Sweden for a championship that allows him to prepare for Euro 2020, held in 2021 due to Covid-19, in the who will return to captain Slovakia.

The midfielder leaves China after passing through multiple spots at Dalian Yifang, where he played slightly further back than in Naples, thus reducing his usual good goalscoring figures. In 42 games, he was left with four goals and four assists. Although he had a contract until the end of the year, Marek wanted to change his destination and would have rescinded by mutual agreement to seek a new adventure in Sweden. Once his signing is made official, Hamsik will arrive for the preseason and start the League on April 10 at Örebro's home.

The signing, without a doubt, is flashy for this Scandinavian league. Marek Hamsik attracts the spotlight and, according to his arrival, he will become the 33-year-old most valuable player in the entire Swedish competition tied for four million euros with Sead Hasabanovic, former Málaga and West Ham, who was sold for the 'hummers' this summer to Norrköping. The Slovak will be the star again ... well further north of crazy Naples.

This joins the squad of the current champion of the Swedish Cup, who has not won a league since 2007. The 116-year-old blue and white club can boast of being one of the oldest in Sweden and also of being the only one with titles Europeans across the country with the two UEFA Cups they won in the 1980s (81-82, 86-87) against Hamburg and Dundee United. There, in addition, he will be under the command of a Spaniard, Ferran Sibila, current second coach of the Blavitts, who are already going crazy with their new idol.

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