Another from Bielsa: he puts Rodrigo in 35 'and takes him away in 79'

The technician did one of his own again. He put the Spanish into play in the first half due to Bamford's injury and then retired him to just over 10 minutes.


Leeds and Chelsea have drawn 0-0 in a match that could have been even worse for Atlético's rival in the Champions League. Mendy made good saves and secured the result. However, the match left a more than striking image when in minute 79 Rodrigo left the field. The Spanish striker had entered the first half, he had not started. Bielsa took him out on the field in the 35th minute of the match due to Bamford's injury.

However, the former Valencia player did not really play at the top. With Roberts more as a reference, Rodrigo lay down a bit more on the wing. With eleven minutes to go in the game, Bielsa decided to include the Polish Klich in his place, a purer midfielder. At the time of the substitution, the director of the match was left with the face of Rodrigo, who left the field with a face of disbelief. It is not the first time that the Spanish is the subject of some strange decision by Bielsa. In September, in a game against Fulham, Rodrigo was playing an exceptional game and the coach decided to replace him at half-time.

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