Anfernee Simons is crowned in Atlanta with a delayed mate

Very decaffeinated contest that of dunks that Anfernee Simons took with this attempt to kiss the basket, something that she could not even achieve.


The anticlimax arrived at the Mates Contest with everything that this event supports in the public that will witness it. The children of the players, some famous guests and the few fans who populated the stands did not echo enough to encourage the adventures of three, only three, matadors. The fact that he was integrated into the All-Star Party, in full rest, made the participants of the great match watch the dunks on the track, but little more than encouraged the teammates to try to fly high.

The level was not very high. Zion Williamson was one of those who said he wouldn't. Caruso, Brown or Bridges also failed, but the almost of Zion was more accused. Everything happened. The public was missing and that the attention was greater, yes, but it was given. His hole was a real hole: instead of four, three. And with that the fight began.

Cassius Stanley, a semi-unknown player for the little presence he has had in the Pacers, made the first dunk and perhaps the worst scored of all. Not numerically but because of the difference in criteria with the later ones and because of how misunderstood it was. LaVine plastic, under the legs and finishing clean with the other hand. Only 44. Josh Smith gave him an 8. In his second mate he got nervous and only added 37, already with tremendous justice. The final was on track without finishing the first round. Obi Toppin added 48 and 46, with a first original proposal for the high but easy bounce at the finish, and Anfernee Simons added 46 and 49, focusing on the pots that hit two legs. Bad vibes from Toppin, who was constantly shaking his head, materialized in the final round much to his regret.

Toppin got into a run, putting his foot closer to the personnel line and pounding with a simple grinder. Simons just jumped up and flipped it to one hand from close up, but apparently: in the television replay it was seen that he tried to get as close to the rim as possible to kiss it, but failed. The judges gave the victory to Simons, the guard-guard of the Trail Blazers, 1.93 meters tall, by three votes to two.

That last dunk was reminiscent of Dwight Howard's with the Superman cape, since that was not a dunk but a throw of the ball to the basket. But there was neither Howard nor Superman here, only the one thing about falling short.

Lazy contest, befitting all night. Something that deserves so much focus and the warmth and pampering of so many people does not come out as well if all of it is missing.

Simons is proclaimed champion, succeeding Derrick Jones, winner of last year in Chicago.

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