"Madrid and Barça are not going to lose any game from here to the end"

The Atlético coach affirmed that his players need to "continue game by game without the desire appearing." He regretted the lack of forcefulness in the second half.


In the last eight games, eleven points have escaped.

I hold on to the last four games, we drew two and won two. We won at Villarreal and against Athletic, we drew against Madrid where we could win and today we had a very good second half, the first was not for the place where we hoped it could go. In the second half we had scoring chances, we weren't strong and it led us to 0-0. The League is complex for everyone as seen in the games.

Did you lack patience?

We had the illusion of winning again and continuing to have the advantage that we have. The first half was not good, the game did not flow, there were no good transitions or depth. In the second half the team improved and in the end the more chances we had to convert. I keep that the team is playing well, you have to be more calm, it is a very difficult championship, Real Madrid and Barcelona are not going to lose any game from here until the end and you have to know what our path is, match by match let the craving appear.

João got very angry with the yellow card, did he seek clarity with his entry?

We have received many yellows for protesting and it is not good. It does not allow us to have important footballers. He entered very well, as we needed him, with dynamics, game, one-on-one duels and we hope that he will continue this line. We have a major challenge against Chelsea on Wednesday with a negative result in the home match in Bucharest and we are already thinking about the London match.

Are you surprised by so many yellows?

No, the truth is that I do not follow the yellow ones. If some when they argue and the referees quickly take yellow. Hopefully we can improve it.

Do you feel pressure?

It is normal, we have been first for most of the season. There are eleven days left, they said that Barcelona was bad and they already saw that in Paris they could win, they have a new president, enthusiasm and enthusiasm and Madrid always manages to get the games going. We try step by step to continue our way game by game and we have two monsters behind with the illusion of being where we are.

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