An unstoppable Benzema against Chacho Coudet's repóquer

The Frenchman has scored five games in a row. Casemiro returns and Ramos falls due to a bruise on the tibia. The coach woke up Celta by joining Brais, Suárez, Nolito, Aspas and Mina.


Get together on the same day and at the same time with Brais Méndez, Denis Suárez, Nolito, Iago Aspas and Santi Mina and you will have, in one piece, Celta and Chacho Coudet. "To throw eggs at him is not to throw oneself to the feet but to play the ball," he explained once at the foot of the field after a Racing game to summarize his taste for good foot players. "You have to find the formula so that in a team the ambition to win outweighs the fear of losing." That plan brought Celta at a time when it seemed impossible for the message to get through. The team was on the decline and went to last after the defeat at Pizjuán. Then he won 16 of the next 18 points with all the good guys in the eleven and Coudet's principles no longer seemed like lip service.Now Celta is in the middle of the table, closer to Europe than to relegation and with records more typical of a great than a modest one: 53% possession, seventh in the passing ranking, fourth that makes the most goals ... "The fans have been with their hearts in their mouths for two years. The plan is for the fan to feel good," explained the coach recently, who has changed everything. Or almost everything. Because something remains unchanged: dependence on Iago Aspas' team. If he gets constipated, Celta goes to bed. Participate in 76% of the team's goals. Not even Messi weighs so much at Barça.

Aspas, to zero in 2021

Aspas has yet to score a goal in 2021, but his influence is tremendous. Of the last seven games, Celta only lost one, to Valencia. The only one in which the 'prince of rafts' did not play, despite the fact that it is costing him more to find the goal than in previous years. He reaches nine goals in the League, a respectable figure, but far from the sequence of the previous four years: 19, 22, 20 and 14. In the first three he was the national top scorer. Last year he finished third. In this he is fourth, behind another cannon, Gerard Moreno, and the fantastic couple from Levante: Morales-Roger.

Today he will be with Santi Mina at the top and in the gala eleven (Hugo Mallo returns after serving his penalty), the one that Coudet barely touches (follow the game live on The gap between starters and substitutes in the team is even more pronounced than in Madrid, and that is to say. And yet, it works because he has managed to win over the squad from the first minute, when he returned Hugo Mallo the captaincy that Oscar García snatched from him: "The captain always chose the dressing room and I'm not going to change it" . However, Celta has a pending issue: the greats. He has already played eight games against the first seven of LaLiga and only took one point from Atlético in the Wanda.

Another chance for Vinicius

Madrid has no more lives left. The first mine you step on can end your pursuit. And as there are two weeks ahead of FIFA, Zidane will pull the usual. His merit and demerit of a bench that does not press, from Militao to Valverde, from Marcelo to Isco.

In any case, the team collects good news. He is in the quarterfinals of the Champions League after a start in the competition that pointed to catastrophe, he has Atlético at a reasonable distance and has been recovering from his clinical misfortunes (remember that of the first team, on the Bergamo bench, there were only Mariano and Lunin). Now there is more to choose from and Casemiro returns, the player who most determines the way of occupying the field. Without him, Madrid seeks refuge in the three centrals. With him perhaps Zidane will return to natural luck. More with the loss of Sergio Ramos, due to a contusion in the tibia and because, with what comes, all precautions are little.

Ramos's discharge conditions Benzema's companions, who, contrary to Mourinho's opinion, has mutated from a feline to a large feline. He has scored 21 goals and five consecutive games. As he begins to understand himself with Vinicius and as the Brazilian is the highest scorer and the best assistant of those around him, it seems that he will have a place on the left. And on the right there is a gap for Asensio or Rodrygo, because Lucas Vázquez will be left as a side in a rear of four. Work will not be lacking.

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