Alpine starts at idle and without Alonso

We miss a lot, at least his followers, a greater participation of Fernando Alonso in the presentation of the project.


The reason for being of a Formula 1 team, in fact of any other sport and also of athletes, is the excellence of improvement synthesized in success. The rest can be considered accessory, although it is true that something as superfluous as appearances sometimes seems symptomatic of the ambition of a project. In that sense, I must confess that the long-awaited presentation of Alpine F1 has left me a bit cold. And I think not only me: of the slightly more than 16,000 people who started by witnessing his digital event on YouTube, less than half reached its end. It is clear that it is difficult to maintain the attention of the audiences, although in this case it seems to me that there were not many arguments to achieve it. Limitations due to the pandemic are imposed, but perhaps a little more flare for the arrival of a legendary brand at the grand prix would have been possible.

We miss a lot, at least his followers, the participation of Fernando Alonso. It seems to be (I do not doubt it, only that I have been unable to find the rule in which the entry of elite athletes is prohibited in Great Britain, except from some countries considered as 'red zone' among which is Switzerland) that the Asturian could not travel to Enstone. What has surprised me is the absence of some kind of telematic intervention, of the same style that was guessed from the rest of the participants in the event. I insist that it is something anecdotal, the important thing is that the words of Luca de Meo, the president of the Renault Group, materialize: Alpine is in F1 to stay and with the highest claims in the medium term. At that time, the presence of Alonso will be indispensable…

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