Alpine has lost 1.9s in four months; Ferrari, about 0.5s

Mercedes is the team that has suffered the greatest setback due to aerodynamic changes with almost three seconds of loss; Williams, the only one who improves.


Tires, atmospheric conditions, engine map, fuel load ... There are so many factors that could have influenced the final time set by a driver during the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship preseason that a concise analysis of the performance of each car before The first test in Bahrain (March 28) seems almost like an impossible mission.

is more. Surely until Portimao, third round of the season, it will be very difficult to order the Gran Circo grid due to the peculiar characteristics of Sakhir (acceleration and braking circuit with right angle curves) and Imola (narrow track against clockwise with long straights and high pianos), very little present in the rest of the calendar tracks, and the arrival of the first package of improvements to correct those aspects that have not worked correctly during these tests in the city of Manama.

However, despite these premises, one of the first lessons that we have been able to learn from the three days of practice held in the Persian Gulf is that the technical changes promoted by the FIA and Pirelli in the ground, rear brake ducts and diffuser to reduce the downforce of the cars have worked.

Mercedes, the team most affected by the new regulations

All the teams except Williams, which shows the poor competitiveness of the FW43, the only machine that failed to score any points in the 17 races organized during 2020, have been slower compared to the best time they recorded almost four months ago in qualifying for the 2020 Bahrain GP.

Alfa Romeo is the formation that scores the least loss with just over two and a half tenths of difference between the two scores, while at the opposite pole is Mercedes with almost three seconds. The seven-time champions are clearly the group most affected by these aerodynamic swaps, as the W12 at the controls of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas has suffered several thorny balance and oversteer setbacks in the Asian country as the entire load moved forward this winter.

Smiles at Ferrari and concern at Alpine

And Alpine and Ferrari? Well, as with the Hinwil and Brackley teams, the A521 and SF21 are day and night, although they could share a motive. The diamond mark is, after Mercedes and Aston Martin, the third team that falls the most from the grid with a second and nine tenths, while the Scuderia is the second that suffers the least damage from these exchanges, touching half a second.Although technically Fernando Alonso's car stands out for its innovative solution of reducing the size of the gearbox and narrowing the rear cover by increasing the air intake in a gigantic way, the little development of the Viry-Châtillon power unit could be the main reason for this deterioration. A possible cause that, in turn, would be the origin of this good result of the Prancing Horse by Carlos Sainz.

Enrico Gualtieri's department have designed for the 2021 edition a renewed propeller with a modern combustion engine to make more efficient use of gasoline, an innovative intercooler to improve its cooling or a slightly smaller turbo to improve the performance of the MGU-H, among many other modifications, to recover some of the power lost last year after signing a private agreement with the FIA.

A remarkable performance of the new red 'heart' that will surely have caused a smile in the Maranello factory, before focusing on the new era that will arrive at the World Cup next year, when they hope to take the definitive step to break the Title drought that accompanies them since 2007.

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