Alonso and the memories in blue

The mention of the glorious years of the Spanish in F1, the world titles of 2005 and 2006, was omnipresent in the Renault presentation.

The Alpine F1 Team revealed its project on Tuesday without the assistance of its great star, Fernando Alonso, neither in person nor online, but although the Asturian was not physically in the act, he always flooded the atmosphere and made the headlines. That is the greatness of the two-time world champion. Alonso did not participate in the event, officially due to the restrictions in force due to the pandemic between England and Switzerland, and it is possible that also due to his recovery from the accident, but he left a hopeful message recorded: “I have good memories about running dressed in blue in F1 ”. It obviously refers to the dominant color with which he won his two titles in 2005 and 2006. His most glorious years. The mention of those laurels was omnipresent in a day that recovered the blue for Renault. In the words of Fernando himself: "We achieved many things together in the past and our lives will always be intertwined." And also from the executive director, Laurent Rossi: "Alonso returns home, with honors." Regaining those successes is the ultimate goal, although everyone assumes it won't be this year. Not yet

No one is fooled. This season a new Mercedes ride is expected, which was also presented this Tuesday with the very champion Lewis Hamilton at the helm. Renault, now Alpine, could be in a place similar to that of 2020, if the performance of the car is repeated and if the alternation of results from then continues. The French team added three podiums with Ricciardo and Ocon in the last season. And that's where Alonso picks up the witness. Some podium is within reach. Even some victory, if the right circumstances arise. Pierre Gasly can attest. But the World Cup is another story. For that, we have to wait for the new regulations to come into force that intend to equalize the competition and reward the piloting. That scenario would raise, perhaps, the winner Alonso. With his memories tinted blue.

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