AJ Slaughter sentences a student with vertigo to win

The guard finished with 38 points and a PIR of 41 in the overtime victory of a Herbalife Gran Canaria that was trailing by 14 at the beginning of the fourth quarter.


Herbalife Gran Canaria revives in the Endesa League after beating Movistar Estudiantes in a dynamic match, full of alternatives, and in which they prevailed in overtime after coming back from a 14-point deficit in the fourth period (97-94).

The versatility of the American with a Polish passport AJ Slaughter, who scored 38 points and a valuation of 41, served to deactivate the efforts of visitors Aleksa Avramovic (22 points) and Alec Brown (16) .

Slaughter capitalized on the yellows' offensive game in the opening bars in an intense and equal start, while Estudiantes distributed chevrons between former NBA player JJ Barea, Avramovic and Brown (14-14 in the middle of the first quarter) .

After a time out, Jota Cuspinera's pupils increased their intensity in defense and as a result they managed to gradually scratch the disadvantage after the yellow shower, closing the initial round with a tight 25-23.

With the rotations on the inside, the island team again took advantage with the presence of Stevic, Costello and the youth squad Khalifa Diop, while the Estudiantes deposited a large part of their options in the outside shot, with the Montenegrin Djurisic hitting two triples in a row (33-32 at 4:30 for the break).

In a fleeting 2-7 partial, the Ramiro team took advantage in the field (35-36), but it was a short-lived rebound. Kilpatrick and Shurna once again put Gran Canaria in the forefront, adjusting the bleeding Avramovic and Barea in a second period that was also frenetic (43-40).

At the restart, Estudiantes managed to turn the situation around with a 2-10 start, taking the maximum advantage so far (45-50). The Claretians immediately vindicated themselves (51-52), but again Avramovic, with a triple and a consecutive mate, forced a new technical stop by Porfirio Fisac (51-59) .

The tactical hiatus had no effect whatsoever on the premises. Movistar even reached 11 points of difference (55-66), putting the yellow team in a surprise disturbance.

Already in the fourth of the denouement, Estudiantes put Herbalife on the ropes raising the difference to 14 (57-71), but a triple by Dimsa, combined with a basket and an additional free kick from Shurna, allowed hope among the locals.

With Víctor Arteaga as the main reference in the area, the men of Cuspinera tried to stop the insular momentum, with Slaughter unleashed and Diop vindicating himself in both rings. And it would be with a triple by Slaughter when the tables would come back on the scoreboard (83-83), forcing the extension with a suspended basket from Barea and two final free throws from Slaughter himself (85-85) .

In overtime, the American Matt Costello took a step forward in the paint, taking advantage of Diop's defensive intensity over Avramovic, to look more decisively on the student board (92-87). Until the fifth staff of the Senegalese arrived.

However, Estudiantes did not manage to overcome the match despite Barea's triple final that ended with a tie on the ring. The points of Djurisic and Brown found replica in Kilpatrick and again Slaughter, closing the yellow triumph in a tight 97-94.

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