Aiztondo Klasika opens the 2021 Spanish Cup

The Gipuzkoan race inaugurates the new edition of the national amateur circuit with a demanding 146-kilometer route and 25 registered teams.


The XVII Aiztondo Klasika-Memorial Patxi Alkorta kicks off this Sunday, March 14, a Cup of Spain Elite and U-23 of road cycling that will last until July 11, when the Primavera Ontur GP will close the competition. The Gipuzkoan event will start at 10:00 am from Asteasu, ending at around 1:45 pm in Zizurkil, 146 kilometers via

The 25 teams and 175 participating cyclists will have to face a tough terrain through the Aiztondo valley, where there will be climbs to Larraitz (4.4 km at 4.6%), Altzo (2.2 km at 7.1% ), Alkiza (4.4 km at 5.7%), Aduna (0.8 km at 8.1%) or Zizurkil (1 km at 10.2%). Aduna feels like a judge of the race again, climbing for the last time with only four kilometers to go after a significant previous wear and tear in each of the five previous steps.The suffocating terrain, the presumable rain and the narrow and winding roads of the Valley augur a beautiful final battle between the most powerful men of the event, who will also obtain in case of victory the additional prize of wearing the leader's jersey of the circuit.

The Aiztondo Klasika squad will be made up of: Antiga Casa Bellsolá-Girona, Arabay, Baqué, Rodríguez Extremadura Bicycles, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA, Aluminios Cortizo, Eibar, Eiser Hirumet, Eolo Kometa, Escribano, Essax Team, Eulen, Gomur-Cantabria , Gsport Grupo Tormo, Laboral Kutxa, Lizarte, Manuela Fundación, Netllar Alé, Previley Coforma Atra Sport Lps, Vigo-Rías Baixas, Supermercados Froiz, Team MP, Telco M-On Clima Oses, Tenerife Pizzeria and Valverde Team Terrafecundis.

Teams that have started the season showing a great pedal stroke such as Lizarte, Laboral Kutxa or Gomur stand as some of the favorites along with Eolo Kometa, among others. All information about the event can be found on social networks through the contest hashtag # CopaEspañaEliteSub23 and through the official twitter account of the race and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation.

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