Agüero gets frustrated and Manchester City thinks of João Félix

According to the Daily Mail, the Argentine wants more minutes than Guardiola gives him. The coach justifies his distribution. João Félix is once again among the targets.


Aguero's future becomes even more tangled. If the interest of Barcelona was not enough, now the Daily Mail publishes that the Argentine is convinced that Pep Guardiola has already decided on his future, and that he would not be linked to Manchester City.

According to the Daily Mail, Kun is very disappointed in the way Guardiola has used him throughout the season, but especially in recent weeks, after recovering from COVID-19 in January. Agüero expected to start last Wednesday against Southampton (5-2), but was on the bench until minute 72.

Y is that this has been the usual habitat of the forward this season: the bench. It is true that injuries have not allowed him to be available as long as he would have liked, but when Guardiola has been, he has not trusted him from the beginning more than four times. Few titles for the greatest scorer in the club's history. Since returning from his hamstring injury in November, he has only played 171 minutes.

While Guardila called for "calm" regarding a renewal at a press conference, the Daily Mail talks about the departure of Agüero and a substitute that he likes a lot at Manchester City: João Félix. The Portuguese was already close to joining Etihad when he left Benfica, although he finally decided on Atlético de Madrid. Now, the skyblue could again press for the Portuguese to reinforce their lead. Another of the players scoring for that position is Erling Haaland.

Aguero's future up in the air

With his contract ending dated June 30 of this year, Aguero is one of the hottest potential free agents for this summer. His name is related to two clubs and also to Leo Messi.

Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona value their hiring as a notable reinforcement for which they will also not pay a transfer, but also because of the relationship that binds him to the 10th Blaugrana, he has not yet renewed and ends his contract at the same time as the Manchester City forward . Both clubs want to use him as an asset to attract Messi.

The Daily Mail picks up on Agüero's 'discomfort' with the situation. At a press conference, Pep Guardiola explained how he sees the situation. "We are going to talk to him as people, as a player, of course. But we have to see what happens at the end of the season. We cannot forget everything that has been out and that now, he is getting better. I know he needs minutes to get there to his best form, but we are not at the time to give those kinds of minutes because it is an important part of the season. I think the club has spoken with their agent and they know the situation. We will speak at the end of the season, it is the same situation as with Fernandinho ", assured the coach.

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