A missile from Pedro Díaz is enough for Sporting to kill Rayo

The Asturians took the lead on 14 'and the Franjirrojos reacted, but did not make their countless chances in the first half. Sporting continues its streak.


One shot is better than two I will give you. Sporting was pure effectiveness, the medicine that Rayo lacked to tie after a dribble of occasions. The local team had them of all shapes and colors, yes, when it was already behind on the scoreboard. Pedro Díaz got a great goal out of his hat after fourteen minutes and Mariño grew under sticks when they machine-gunned him. Both made the Asturians shake off the djukadependencia and extend the good run, nothing more and nothing less than ten days without losing. For their part, the red-fringed ones again made the mistakes of the past and the green shoots of the last weeks withered.

Sporting went straight to the point, did not allow trailers in this film, stalking the rival area with a shot from Aitor and a corner. The duel was stopped by a fortuitous blow between Luca and Pablo Pérez. And start over. El Rayo wove a play that ended with the center of Fran García and a deflected header from Baby. The game was going in fits and starts until Pedro Díaz revolutionized it with a goal, from more than 30 meters, straight into the squad. Luca couldn't do anything there, but Mariño did later, managing to repel a direct free-kick from Baby who threw him right in front.

The franjirrojos reacted, once again, to the blow and Pablo Pérez took in extremis, in the same line, a header from Catena after a corner kick. The locals did not take their foot off the gas. Mariño stopped a heads-up with Baby and the crossbar prevented the tie when Óscar caught the rebound. The incombustible goal stopped again, in two stages, a whiplash from Andrés from the front. Mario Suárez, Baby and Qasmi also tried. Miraculously, the visitors came out of the Vallecano downpour dry and bet everything on the cons and the set pieces.

After the break, the Asturians used pressure to quell the Rayista push. Its waves died in midfield, the Strip was no longer the tsunami of the first half. Hence, Iraola moved the bench. Isi delivered a volley, but his shot died in Mariño's mitts. Luca also had his share of prominence with a stop to the foul thrown by Pablo García. The local coach put more wood, although his team could not revive the crash that was right at the point where Gallego's wanted.The Lightning did not give up, but neither did it worry as before. A header from Guerrero and a left-footed shot from Advíncula were lost high. The franjirrojos became entangled in the trap of the Asturians who close the day by climbing a square - they are placed fourth - while Rayo remains in sixth, with Ponfe on their heels ...

Photos from as.com
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