A goal from Leschuk saves a point for Oviedo

Alcorcón opened the scoring with a goal from Nwakali. Each team dominated one half. Alcorcón trusted everything to defensive work and forgot to attack in the second half.


The match started with a goal. In the first minute Víctor García's center, Barbero touches it towards the front and there appears a placed and powerful shot from Nwakali to score the first goal of the game. The match could not have started better for Alcorcón. The goal gave wings to an Alcorcón that dominated and took the initiative. The potters circulated well with the ball and with high and intense pressure they recovered quickly and close to the goal of Femenías after loss.

Oviedo's first came in the 18th minute in a cross shot by Rodri that saved under the goal line Castro. Alcorcón responded with a Gual cross-kick that went over the crossbar. The Oviedo tried to shake off the potter's dominance but the yellow ones continued taking the initiative. Escobar at 25 from afar again demanded the best of Femenías to avoid the second. Those of Anquela arrived at each divided ball and were perfect in the helps. As the minutes passed the carbayons held more possession and stretched. In one against Obeng he made the tie in 39 but the assistant declared a clear offside of the Ghanaian. At halftime, Alcorcón went 1-0 on the scoreboard.

The second half began with a more stretched Oviedo, but without fluidity. The Alcorcón for its part was still very compact and well defensively. Cuco Ziganda took out Nahuel, Sangalli and Tejera and returned to the defense of four to look for one more march in attack. In the first Nahuel left four and his pass back was cleared by the defense potter. The changes suited an Oviedo very well who turned in attack and put Alcorcón in his area. The potters became a fronton with a Numantine defense against the siege of Oviedo. Ziganda burned the last ships leaving Borja Valle and Leschuk.

So much was the jug to the fountain that finally a measured center by Javi Mier and Leschuk sent it to the back of the net to put the tie. Oviedo was able to make the second in 90 with an assist from Leschuk to Javi Mier who touched it on 28 Oviedo, but did not find a goal. In the end, distribution of points in Santo Domingo that does not remove anyone from poor.

Photos from as.com
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