A gift for the ACB

Antonio Martín celebrated the ACB's 39th birthday with the arrival of Pau Gasol and with a request at the Europa Press Breakfasts: the return of the public.


The ACB commemorated this Wednesday the 39th birthday of its foundation. And to celebrate the date, its president, Antonio Martín, attended the Europa Press Sports Breakfasts. During his exhibition he projected a photograph in which he was seen next to Jorge Garbajosa, his counterpart in the Federation, along with a legend: 'There is only one basketball.' In honor of that statement, the day seemed to be conspired to celebrate a lot of basketball in the most diverse competitions: there were NBA games, seasoned with the announcement of the All-Star competitions; of the Euroleague, the Eurocup, the FIBA Champions, a postponement of the Endesa League itself, the eve of the Queen's Cup ... For having, it was even the day chosen by Pau Gasol to land in Barcelona, which Martín defined as “a gift for the ACB”. It's all basketball.

However, from Antonio Martín's reflections it can be deduced that there is another birthday present demanded by the ACB for weeks, which was postponed by the third wave of the pandemic, and which he hopes to receive soon from the Spanish authorities: the return of the public. The expívot explained that, unlike the other professional league, the football league, this income represents an important part of the games and the subsistence of the clubs. An internal study figures ticketing at around 23% of budgets. In the last year, since the fatal March 2020, a total of 2,165,418 fans have stopped coming to the courts. If we multiply by an average of 15 euros per ticket, the loss rises to 32.48 million euros, which more or less coincides with the balance of 33 million that the CSD made for the 2018-19 season. The ACB, exemplary in the anti-COVID protocols in the Valencia bubble and in subsequent tournaments, has earned the right to staggered attendance to the stands, to a vote of confidence, as is the case with culture. Always without losing priority: the fight against the virus.

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