"Keeping a clean sheet is what will make us grow as a team"

JIM reiterates the need to regain defensive security and underlines the importance of reversing the dynamics as soon as possible: "Tomorrow's game is vital because we come from two adversities."


Juan Ignacio Martínez has insisted that one of the keys to achieving victories is to leave a clean sheet: “If you fit, you go back to tow and the team often disconnects. Maybe that situation in which we find ourselves weighs a lot, but we will grow from that defensive security, since the goal can come as it has happened to us in the games we have won. The coach also assured that what remains is a marathon of many stages and that the only word that is worth them is to win: “It is very easy to say it, but we must transfer it to our minds so that that energy leads us to victory, in situations in which we have no choice but to add three at a time ”.

— How is the locker room feeling emotionally after the last two defeats?

— It is always hard the first day after the game because not even 24 hours have passed, but already after that day when people rest and are with their families, we do a group analysis through images and there is satisfaction because the attitude It has been great. Everything changes the result. When you win it seems that everything you do is right and when you lose it is not. The attitude is good and I trust the team to the fullest. This has been demonstrated. It is true that two adversities have come, but tomorrow we are going to try to nip them in the bud.

— How are you? Do you understand the criticism of these last days?

— I remember the situation we were in the day I arrived and I remember the situation we are in now. I know that it will be a marathon with many stages. Obviously, you are not going to win everything. I am a very balanced person mentally, which is what I try to convey to the player. I am the same person who arrived and I hope to leave the same and above all having fulfilled the objectives set by the club. The message is the same, that the only word that is worth to us is to win. It is very easy to say it, but we must transfer it to the mind so that that energy leads us to victory, since we are in situations in which we have no choice but to add three at a time.

— Do you give more importance to returning to the goal path or to recovering that defensive solvency that allows you to leave a clean sheet?

— From a clean sheet you will grow as a team, since the goal can come as it has happened in the games we have won. If you fit in, you are back in tow and the team, don't ask me why, many times it disconnects. Maybe that situation we find ourselves in weighs heavily on us, but we will grow from that defensive security. If we are strong in defense, as in previous games, we will grow during the game. And there is also the issue of La Romareda. That energy that we do not feel because the fans cannot come, we do feel because it is La Romareda. I'm not saying it. Several players we have played against and I have had in other stages tell me that as soon as we arrive at the stadium ... We should try to transfer that feeling to the field of play. Tomorrow's is a vital game because we come from those two adversities that we have discussed.

— What does the team lack to generate more chances to score?

— Since my arrival we have done two or three specific sessions of offensive aspects: many automatisms, many movements between the forwards and many movements with the arrival of other players to generate that danger that costs us so much, but in the end what matters is to score goals.

— Álex Alegría assured yesterday that he feels more comfortable playing alongside another striker and Narváez pointed out a week ago that he prefers to play upstairs than on the wing. Can they be seen together at the tip of the attack against Tenerife?

— The most important thing right now is the group and the situation in which we find ourselves, of which we are all aware. You have to respect the opinion of the kids, I talk a lot with them and they transmit their feelings to me, which is the most important thing.

— Álex Alegría still hasn't scored after five starts. What options does Iván Azón have to start playing?

— Everyone has a chance to play because they are first-team footballers.

— To the numerous casualties that already had in the center of the field has been added that of Eguaras by accumulation of cards. Can you expect a system change?

— It is true that they are specific players, these circumstances have occurred and for that we have a squad with a good number of players. We will always look for the best solution. Obviously, I have an idea that you develop during the week. Above all, it is necessary to try, rather than have control of the midfield and the game, that the performance of the footballer who plays in this position, which may be novel, is maximum for the team to benefit.

— In the previous party's preview, he pointed out that there was not going to be any revolution and finally there were three novelties in the eleven. Feeling like you moved the lineup more than expected?

— No, I still think the same thing. Francho was low and I put Zapater there, Nieto returned to the side and Larrazábal entered to give him depth in the team. He had been training very well for two or three weeks; He had been left out of the call and yet he vindicated himself with his work. That is the prize, since training is worth something. I don't see it as a revolution. It is true that you make some changes, but not at the level of position, idea or game, but we lost and everything looks different.

— What worries you most about Tenerife?

— They are in a very good dynamic and we must be with very stiff ears. There are certain plays or moments of the game that they carry it perfectly. We are not going to say it so as not to encourage them, but it is true that this dynamic they carry is for something. They are in a very good moment, we respect them to the maximum, but right now we only care what Real Zaragoza does on the field.

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