A bench of gold

Simeone will have an important bench against Madrid. The valuation of Atlético's substitutes in the derby is 264 million. João Félix is worth 100 million.


Simeone is thoroughly preparing the match against Real Madrid (Sunday, 4 pm; 3 pm), a match that may be important for the development of the championship. The Atlético coach recovers very important players for the game: Trippier, who returns after his suspension, and Carrasco, who returns after his injury. The two will be starters in Atlético's eleven. El Cholo could not count on either Lemar or Giménez in Wednesday's work session. The Frenchman seems to be able to reach the Madrid team.

Simeone has had to pull from the quarry to complete the call-up in many games this season. The injuries, the sanction to Trippier and the positives for coronavirus were reducing the rojiblanca squad, so the Argentine coach had to use the subsidiary throughout many games.

Atlético will have a luxury bench against Real Madrid. Counting on the sole absence of Giménez, and with the circumstance that Lemar recovers, Atlético's bench will have a value of 264 million euros according to Transfermarkt. Cholo would have 21 players to face the match against the Madrid team and this time he will be able to look at the bench to try to change the course of the match. Grbic, Vrsaljko, Lodi, Torreira, Herrera, Kondogbia, Lemar, Vitolo, João Félix and Dembélé form a luxurious bench.

The value of the ten players who would make up Atlético's bench is 264 million. The most valuable is João Félix, whose price is 100 million. The Portuguese, as rehearsed by Cholo, will not start. Against Villarreal he was also on the bench. He came out in the second half, scored a goal and on that occasion it was decisive. The same could happen against Zidane's team. Its market value is still very high.

Lodi is the second with the highest value market. Its valuation is 40 million. He's not playing much this season, and in fact, Hermoso has won him the game as a left-back. Saúl has also won the game in many games. Lodi comes out at times, but is highly valued, perhaps because of his youth, 22 years. This season should have been his confirmation, but it has stalled.

Dembélé has a market valuation of 30 million. He has not been able to participate much either, since he had coronavirus and that made him have to stop training. But Cholo has commented that he is very happy with his performance and that he will have minutes, either to give Luis Suárez a rest or to complement the Uruguayan striker. He played against Levante, at Wanda Metropolitano, and also against Chelsea.

Torreira has a value of 28 million. He has not had an important role in the team, although whenever Cholo has needed him, he has responded. The midfielder shares the minutes with Kondogbia, who has a valuation of 15 million. Koke is playing practically everything in the team's pivotal position and does not leave many minutes for the others.

Lemar has played very good games for Atlético, precisely since the derby in the first round. He played the second half against the Madrid team and that meant a before and after for him. His market value is not very high, 20 million, but he has gone from being almost out in the winter market to being an important footballer for Cholo.

Three players have the same rating: Herrera, Vrsaljko and Vitolo. Their market value is 8 million each. Something similar happened to Herrera as to Lemar, but the other way around. He played against Real Madrid in the first round match, but had very bad fortune in the first goal of the Madrid team. Then he had weight in the team. Now he has a secondary player role. Vrsaljko could have made better use of Trippier's absence, but his injury issues continue to weigh on him. With the return of English, you will have less participation. And Vitolo doesn't have minutes either. It could have come out in the winter market, finally it didn't, and it doesn't play. Cholo did not take him into account when he barely had footballers, much less will he now that he has attacking players at his disposal.

Grbic, Atlético's second goalkeeper, has barely been able to show his virtues. In LaLiga he has not played a minute yet. Oblak is fixed in the Madrid team and Grbic has a valuation of 7 million euros.

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