12 mistakes that are not forgotten

Real Madrid clings to a dozen decisions in which it considers that Hernández Hernández clearly harmed him in recent years after the derby controversy. These are.


Madrid clings to a dozen decisions in which it considers that Hernández Hernández clearly harmed him (the majority in several Clásicos with Barça), apart from the penalty not called yesterday at the Wanda to Felipe. These are:

December 2020 (La Cerámica de Vila-real)

Penalty signaling for the demolition of Courtois. It's fair. But Gerard Moreno throws and Chukwueze enters half a meter into the area before he hits the ball, without the canary ordering to repeat the throw as established by the Regulations. Madrid tied (1-1). This same season Courtois saved Soler a penalty at Mestalla and they made him repeat it for the same reason.February 2020 (Ciutat de Valencia)

Campaña and Toño cut two balls within their area with their hand completely detached from the body. Two clear penalties actions that Hernández Hernández ignored without even wanting to review them in the VAR. Madrid lost 1-0. Sergio Ramos ended up arguing with the referee after the match and even asked him if he had something personal against him ...

December 2019 (Camp Nou)

In a Classic conditioned by the political tension that existed those days in the streets of Barcelona, the Canarian referee stopped calling two clear penalties committed on Varane in the Barça area in the first half. First with a treacherous squad from Lenglet to his compatriot, which left his quadriceps marked with a bruise. The second with a continued and prolonged grip of Rakitic's shirt. Hernández Hernández did not indicate any of the two penalties and the VAR did not even call him to review them, but he did cancel in the second half a goal by Bale for an offside by Mendy at the start of the play that is not clear in any take of the transmission. The match ended 0-0.

May 2018 (Camp Nou)

Messi's 2-1 comes from a treacherous foul by Luis Suárez against Varane, who he kicks on the touchline, knocking him down and allowing the Uruguayan to continue to later assist the Argentine. In that same match, Jordi Alba knocked down Marcelo inside the area with a trip that for the Canary Islands did not deserve the penalty sentence either. The match could have ended 1-3, but ended with a 2-goal draw.

October 2017 (Montilivi in Girona)

Aday takes a ball over the goal line with his left arm that was going to mean the second white goal. In addition, Portu scored his goal offside, which would ultimately be decisive. The VAR was not yet implanted. Madrid lost to the Girona team 2-1.

September 2017 (Bernabéu)

Madrid host Levante in a morning game and the canary overlooks a clear penalty committed on Theo Hernández in the first half. Marcelo ended up expelled and Madrid did not go beyond the draw (1-1) .

May 2017 (Camp Nou)

Madrid and Barça played La Liga on the last match day. For Zidane's men it was enough to win to be champions, but if they tied and Barça defeated Eibar, the champions were Barça. Eibar began winning 0-2 with two goals from Inui, but Hernández Hernández came 'to the rescue' with two grotesque penalties (if you check the videos you will see it) after two incredible pools by Neymar and Jordi Alba. In both actions there is no Eibar player nearby and they stumble on their own against the grass. He pointed out the two penalties to the amazement of the gunsmiths. Madrid saved the title by winning 0-2 in Malaga, but a draw would have left them without that League.

April 2017 (Bernabéu)

Two minutes after the start of the El Clásico, which was very important for the outcome of the League, Cristiano overtakes Umtiti inside the area and the Frenchman trips and knocks him down. The canary is next to the action and to everyone's surprise he tells the Portuguese to get up. In the same game, Hernández expels Ramos with a direct red card with a strong tackle on Messi, but in the repetition it is observed that he does not get to touch the Argentine. Those errors were decisive in the game since Barça ended up winning 2-3.

April 2016 (Camp Nou)

Incredible the goal that annuls Bale, who scores with a splendid header, jumping cleanly over Jordi Alba. Hernández Hernández said that it was a fault for the Welshman to lean on the jump, but in no television shot was he seen, since he jumped cleanly. In addition, the canary expelled Sergio Ramos. Still, Madrid won 1-2 thanks to goals from Benzema and Cristiano.

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