Zion shows up, but Anteto and Middleton are the ones to win

The Pelicans fought to the end, but lost. Neither team scored in play in the last minute. 38 for Giannis.


The Pelicans gritted their teeth in a complicated pavilion, the Bucks, but it was not enough to leave there with the victory under their arms. Good image, defeat the sack. The match was very even and it was possible to see two of the most powerful players in the North American league, Giannis and Zion, in action, with a result favorable to the locals by 129-125.

Curious that, after a whole game with high scoring and good rhythm, the last minute passed without anyone scoring a basket in play. Only Giannis Antetokounmpo and thanks to a free kick sealed the victory, something rare for this fact, for his team.

Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 38 points and teammate Khris Middleton contributed 31 to launch the Bucks, although the decisive action was an offensive free kick taken by Donte DiVincenzo, which finished with 24 + 7 + 9. Ingram, good of two but bad of three. Zion (34) was well accompanied by Ball, author of 20 goals.

The Pels came from two victories in a row and this match does not cloud their improvement. The Bucks have already recovered the air with four in a row to reach 20-13.

Photos from as.com
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