"I'm worried about my back, but I'm not giving up anything"

Nadal explained in detail the discomfort he has in his back, "especially when serving", but said that "it is not a serious injury" and that he works to "be able to be competitive."


Seriously, very seriously, Rafa Nadal offered a press conference by telematic means to the media two days after his debut at the Australian Open, something that he does not doubt despite the concern that the discomfort he suffers in his back "for days." The Spaniard assures that he does not think "about not playing" and tries to give himself "the greatest possible options to be competitive" on Tuesday against Djere.

Feelings: "I'm not great because I haven't been able to play in the ATP Cup and I've had back problems for 15 days. Today I've tried to serve. I've done everything I could to be better and I hope to improve and be prepared."

Does not quit: "I do not think that I will not be able to play, but in what conditions I am going to start the tournament. The last two weeks have been disappointing due to these annoyances. The good feelings that I had long ago have disappeared the last two weeks. I have not been able to I train in the best possible way and I don't have the best sensations in my back. It is nothing serious, but the muscle is hard and so it is difficult to play with freedom of movement. My physio, the doctor, everyone is helping me and I hope to be ready Sometimes things change fast. I stay positive and do my best. "

Comparison with previous injuries: "It is true that I have a lot of experience already. It is not the ideal situation, starting the tournament with problems, especially in one that is so demanding. But let's see what happens in the next two days. I have to stay positive and improve , but he cannot say more that it is not a serious injury but that it has been there for a few days, that is why I am a little concerned ".

When the discomfort started: "I started to notice this in Adelaide, after a workout. I saw the muscle tired, stiffer than normal, and I started looking for solutions and working on it. It is not a drama, it is something that happens and I It has happened before, and what I have to do is give myself options to compete, pass the first round and win days to try to be better ".

Quarantine: "I don't know if the quarantine has contributed to this problem, I am not very fond of looking for excuses about why things happen. They happen and that's it, what you have to do is find a way out of it."

“Winning in Australia:" Nobody has won every Grand Slam twice. I don't know why I haven't done it here. I had good options in the past, the biggest in 2014 and I injured my back. Also in 2012 and in 2017, with a break in the fifth set. I had good options and I couldn't take advantage of them, but there is no concrete reason "

Situation and objectives: "Health is a priority, we cannot forget that. The world needs to be as safe as possible and we have to make the most responsible decisions as an organization, as a sport. In my case, the objective is to be competitive in every game. Let's see how far I can go ".

Djokovic's success in Australia: "I don't know why, it is very successful almost everywhere. But there are times that for some reason a tournament is more favorable for you. If you win a lot in one place, your self-confidence grows and when you come back you feel good vibes "

Good preseason: "The preseason had gone very well, until about ten days ago. Everything had been almost perfect. I felt confident that things were on the right track. The training weeks in Adelaide were being very good. Now those feelings Confidence, happiness and tranquility become problems, because I have suffered for ten days and I have not been able to train as I wanted. Now everything is more complicated. If I am able to solve this problem, if I can play with freedom of movement and win, those feelings they can come back. "

Injury: "The problem is that I have a muscle in my back that tenses when I serve and does not allow me to do the movement one hundred percent, it does not allow me to force myself. I have felt better, but it burdens me. It is not a serious problem , but I have not improved as much as I would like. It is a complicated situation in which I would not have liked to be, but I do not give up anything. I want to give myself all the options so that when Tuesday arrives it will be competitive. I am worried, but it is normal. I have experience and I have to do things the best I can. That we can and we are going forward, fantastic, that no, because you leave with the peace of mind that you have done what you have been able to ".

Injustices: "I do not consider myself in a position to believe that nothing in this life has been unfair to me. What has been lost here has been gained elsewhere. Here, for the moment, nothing has been lost this year. What I have always had more problems than my direct rivals here, it is true. But I have had a great career, so I can only thank life for experiences that I would not have even dreamed of ".

Adelaide's exhibition: "Against Thiem I already had problems. They started two or three days before, but I had a commitment to play and I didn't want to break it. I made the effort, gave what I had, with caution and did what I could. My reference is the day by day and it had been a lot better than what was seen that day when I already had problems. "

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