"A wonderful problem" for Jose Mourinho

Dele Alli received a new opportunity in the Europa League and it was decisive. "You can make a nice goal but hard work is what makes me happy," said the coach.


Dele Alli seized the opportunity in the Europa League as expected. After the injury that has kept him away for almost a month, the Englishman repeated his title in the round of 16 of the second European competition against Wolfsberger, in which they won 4-1. A new opportunity to assert yourself and show that your talent is still intact.

The Milton Keynes, at the center of the controversy this season, played his best game of the entire season to show Jose Mourinho that he is for more in the most difficult stretch of the season for Tottenham.

In addition to the goal, scored with a spectacular Chilean when it was not even a quarter of an hour into the game, Dele gave two assists and was active throughout the attack front. The data backs it up. Alli touched the ball 66 times, hitting 82% of his passes, three of them generating real danger. He was also precise with the centers (2/3) and with the long passes (2/4) although somewhat less in the dribbling, managing to complete one of four attempts. In the duels he was intense, winning half on the ground and everyone in the air also took as many fouls as those he was forced to make (2) .

In '81 he gave way to Dane Scarlett, the new "diamond" that Mourinho is polishing at Spurs. Alli left without fans to applaud him because of the Covid-19 but received the 'tele-support' of the fans, being named the best player of the game for white fans with 88% of the votes.

The return of the 'child prodigy' delighted the fans of North London and also their coach, Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese, with whom he has been involved in so many controversies, was full of praise for the player on the best day of the season for him.

"There was a difficult period. He was injured and there was a lot of talk about whether he was leaving or staying, staying or leaving ... The market closed, he overcame the injury and started working very motivated. He is back. It is what we need to. He is playing very very well. The goal is precious but, for me, the assist, the hard work for the team means more. You can score a beautiful goal but, the work, the continued performance is what makes me happy ", Mourinho assured on television still on the pitch at Tottenham Stadium.

In the press room, the Portuguese reaffirmed himself in the praise and described Dele Alli's return to a good level as "fantastic". "It is not necessary to talk about the goal because it is already going around the world on television. I care about the overall performance and it has done very well. It is not fresh at all, you can notice how at certain moments in the first leg something was collapsing. But it is normal. He was injured and has not been training for a long time. Seeing that we have to play ten games in March, knowing that Dele returns to this level is fantastic. Also Winks, Sissoko are coming back. We need them more than ever, "he added.

Now, both Dele and Bale, who scored again, appear as a good headache for Jose Mourinho. "They are the headaches that I love. What I do not like is having headaches to choose from when there are many people who are not performing. That there are doubts for negative reasons. These are wonderful problems", he sentenced.

Tottenham have a busy schedule in the next month of competition with week-long Premier League matches in addition to the Europa League round of 16, yet to be drawn. Mourinho recovers troops at the most difficult moment. Now, the "lazy" boy, as he told him on arrival at Tottenham as the Amazon cameras collected, is aiming to work like the most. The best way to resurrect your talent.

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