Without a mask, photos with the players ... the progress for the public of the Australian Open

The Australian newspaper Herald Sun has published several actions that the Australian Open would be considering in its attempt to restore normalcy.


The scenes of the Adelaide exhibition with the crowded stands in an image more typical of tennis before the pandemic has been a success for the Australian Open, which continues in its attempt to celebrate the tournament as normally as possible.

In fact, the Australian newspaper Herald Sun published this Monday a series of actions that could be allowed to the public during matches and that in other parts of the world right now would be unthinkable given the threat of the coronavirus.

Among these possibilities is the option that fans can take photos with the tennis players, as long as they agree. In addition, fans will not have to wear a mask on a mandatory basis, although they do recommend its use when social distance is not observed; and they will be able to throw the balls back on the court if they go to the stands, although players and fans are advised to take gel before catching it.

The organizers explain in this way the reason for these advances towards the return to normality of tennis. "International players competing in the Australian Open have completed the 14-day quarantine, so there is no risk to the community from the players. Thanks to the efforts of Victorians to stop community transmission, we are in conditions that everyone can cheer as hard as they want, as long as physical distance and capacity limits are maintained. The spectator can return the ball and we recommend that they disinfect their hands at one of the 800 points enabled for this. "

Photos from as.com

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