With the sharp fang

The threat of relegation tortures Getafe and Valencia. Fireworks match. Badass precedents. Bordalás, on the wire. Gayà will complete his 250th match in the League.


The game between Getafe and Valencia is so scary that even the guts of the bravest would run away. It is not yet clear if it will be an encounter or a collision. The immediate precedents have had more of the latter than the former: kicks and stomps during the game; insults, picks and expulsions in the breaks; tumultuous skirmishes as the finale, the Police intervening in the tunnel on the way to the changing rooms; reproaches at a press conference and, of course, recollection days later. Football is football (follow the game live on AS.com) .

Only that three-word phrase is able to explain the sudden enmity between two clubs that historically always got along well (Valencia is the club with which Getafe has closed the most signings). Supposedly, the origin of the detachment was the pique to see who pees further than Bordalás and Marcelino maintained. Or Marcelino and Bordalás, it doesn't matter. Today there will not be that face to face with the absence of the current Athletic coach, but there are still disputes to be resolved between players who are protagonists of those troubles.The fact is that Getafe and Valencia have been balancing on the wire for some time. They share a single objective: to stay in First. There is no more future. Everything that is a step beyond that reality gives vertigo: the descent.

Valencia breathes with more lungs than Getafe, which in a month has changed the SPA for the waiting room to enter the ICU.

Beyond the sensations, reality says that only three points separate both teams in the standings. If Getafe wins tonight, they tie 27 points with the azulones above due to 2-2 in the first round. If the winner is Valencia, the trip will be the most profitable. Tranquility is what you breathe when leaving the hospital, because the Che have already passed theirs.

Getafe arrives in such a hurry that they do not remember their last goal. What's more, they haven't shot on goal in three of their last four games. For Valencia, beating Celta drew a smile and he would celebrate winning two games in a row for the first time in this League. His only doubt is Gayà, who retired from training yesterday and today would fulfill his 250th match in the League.

Photos from as.com
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