With Brexit, Bielsa and Solksjaer would not be in the Premier

The new legislation indicates that a foreign coach must have trained two consecutive years or three in five in the elite to earn the right to train in the Premier.


The winds of change are blowing in England, lifted by Brexit. The new legislative framework in which the country operates, since last January 1, has shaken the foundations of the Premier League, which in the future will not be able to count on technicians such as Solskjaer or Bielsa. At least in the conditions in which they were at the time of taking charge of Manchester United and Leeds United, respectively.

The facelift that English football will have to undergo is huge and this will not only affect players, but also technicians. The Premier and Championship teams will have to face a block when hiring foreign technicians that they can only overcome through compliance with rules set by the English Federation (FA, for its acronym in English). Which must be met whenever it is someone who comes to the islands from abroad. For this reason, cases like Mikel Arteta and Arsenal would not be problematic, since the Basque was already in England (second to City) at the time of the appointment.

This new legislative compendium, as indicated by the 'Daily Mail', is based on a kind of points system that determines if a coach is qualified to obtain a Governing Body Endorsment (GBE), that is, a certificate that allows them to practice in England. The necessary requirements to comply with the provisions of the new regulations are to have trained a 'Top League' (as described in the explanatory document) for two seasons or three of the previous five.

Ole and Marcelo would be in trouble. In this way, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could not have replaced Mourinho in December 2018, since his previous experience on benches is summarized in Molde, the Norwegian being not among the considered top leagues.

In Bielsa's case, his previous experience with Leeds, at Olympique de Marseille, Lazio and Lille, would not have been enough to fill the Elland Road bench, since having been without a team from December 2017 to summer 2018 At the time of his arrival at the Championship, he had more than what was added by other parts.

The Championship, with more problems

The English Second Division will be affected in a greater way than 'its older sister', since it is much more common that they incorporate foreign coaches, such as Daniel Farke, current Norwich coach, leader of the category, and whose only previous experience was the Borussia Dortmund subsidiary. In addition to others like Xisco Muñoz. The Spaniard occupies the Watford bench since December, having previously trained in the Spanish Third and the Georgia league, competitions outside of the aforementioned Top Leagues.In addition, all this also affects the assistants, who must comply with the same premises as their bosses. This would hinder the arrival of a regular practice, which is the arrival of the trusted technical body of the technician in question. While obtaining the GBE is not eternal, since it is only assured for three seasons from its achievement. Although clubs can apply for an extension, as if it were a contract.

It is expected that the teams will put pressure on the FA to try to relax the restrictions, since everything listed here would greatly limit their future options. According to the new regulations, this legislation is effective from January 1, 2021, so that any change of coach or coaching staff from now on would be plausible to be subjected to the scrutiny of the Federation.

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