Willy, headline in a major sinking of the Pelicans

They go from winning by 11 to losing by 18 in the fourth quarter. The Warriors, with an unstable Curry, also throw their advantage (+13) in Orlando.


The Warriors have nothing to spare, and that has been their reality all season. Able to win any game, also to lose against any rival. To show their two faces many times in the same night, between the two halves of the same match. So it was in Orlando (124-120) where they lost a game that they should have won and remain at 16-14, without separating from 50% of victories. The Magic, in a season lost due to injuries, won with great merit (12-18 now) and with another great game from that Nikola Vucevic (this time 30 points, 16 rebounds, 10 assists) who is signing a season of which hardly anyone speaks. Because they don't talk about their team.

The roller coaster that these Warriors are was clearly explained in almost incomprehensible saw teeth: they lost 71-54 into a third quarter that they finished ahead (93-94) after a 22-40 run in nine minutes. And they won 93-106 after continuing with the turbo (0-12 initial) at the start of a fourth quarter that closed with only 14 points in almost nine minutes: 31-14 for a Magic supported by Vucevic, the usual points of Ross ( 24) and Fournier (28) and the work of Michael Carter-Williams and Chuma Okeke, the 22-year-old forward who was number 16 in the draft in 2019 but did not play all of last season due to a serious knee injury. He finished with 11 points and 3 blocks, with three triples and decisive defenses in the fourth quarter.

With very little input from the bench and no pivots, the Warriors pulled on the points of Wiggins (16), Oubre Jr (26 with 7 rebounds) and a too unstable Stephen Curry: 29 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists but 11/29 in shots and 6/16 on triples. After finally fixing his bad night shooting in the comeback against the Heat, this time he couldn't do it with his team turned into the hunted, not the hunter: he only had two points in the fourth quarter when he scored two triples in a row in the last minute to put the 121-120. But Vucevic did not miss from the personnel line and Curry blew the triple to tie. He was playing cross this time.


The Pelicans remain far from the respectable West zone, 12-17 now because after showing promising vital signs (four wins in a row) they have linked five losses in six games. And they seem like a team incapable of being regular and reliable for 48 minutes, on whole nights. With sections in which they show that they can compete with anyone and huge sinks. None like this, apart from being visited by the Suns, one of the NBA's fittest teams (from 8-8 to 18-10 with 10 wins out of 12): for the first time since there is a shot clock (prehistory: 1954-55) a team goes from winning by more than 10 (102-91) at the start of a last quarter to losing by 18.

It was a final 12-41 in the fourth quarter, even though the Pelicans scored 5 points already in fill in the last minute. In the previous eleven they had scored 7 for a 7-39 that exposes the horrendousness of their return, this time to the beast, to their worst habits: lack of control and defensive disconnections, abandonment to individual actions and clearing without movement in attack. After three quarters with 34, 32 and 36 points, they stayed at 12 in the last, the first that the franchise lost by 29 points in its entire history. They were twelve horrible minutes that hid the previous good. Zion Williamson finished with 23 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists… and 5 losses. Brandon Ingram added 25 points but with 1/6 in triples, Lonzo Ball finished in 21 with 12 assists and 6/12 in triples and with Steven Adams out with an ankle problem, Willy Hernangómez started: 23 minutes, 9 points, 13 rebounds and 4/8 shooting.

Chris Paul, in his hometown, led the fourth-quarter crush and finished with 15 points and 19 assists, his season-high. Devin Booker scored 23 points, Kaminsky 17, Ayton 16 with 16 rebounds, Crowder 20 and Cam Johnson 13 for some Suns that are installed among the nobility of the NBA. High above some Pelicans that are still a work in progress, still pinned.


The Grizzlies beat clearly, albeit with work, some Pistons who remain at 8-21 (Tennessee's 13-12) and who have almost impossible to win with Jerami Grant in the mundane version (16 points, 5/20 in triples). Even so, MoTown's men held on as best they could after a poor start (35-17 the first quarter) but ended up asphyxiated in a fourth quarter in which they went more than six minutes without scoring in play. Delon Wright (16 points, 4 assists), Josh Jackson (15 + 7 rebounds) and promising rookie Saddiq Bey (14 with 4/9 on 3s) contributed with the usual work (10 + 15 + 6) of a Plumlee this time exceeded in zones

Ja Morant scored 21 of his 29 points (with 4 assists) in the second half, Jonas Valanciunas finished with 17 points and 15 rebounds and the Grizzlies continue their good march, clinging to the play in zone (ninth now) of the West.

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