Whoever goes faster does not always win

"Márquez has learned his lesson, the relapses of his injury have made him understand that, even in motorcycling, whoever goes faster does not always win."


Marc Márquez has learned his lesson. There's no doubt. The relapses of his injury during the last seven months have made him understand that, even in motorcycling, whoever goes faster does not always win. His speech during the presentation of the Repsol Honda team makes it clear that this time there will be no more rain. To begin with, there is an acknowledgment of the failure: "What happened is that a week later I got on a motorcycle that was not playing." To continue, there is an intention to "learn from the mistake" without directly holding anyone responsible, "the decision was made between all", or at least without airing those blame in public. And to top it off, Márquez will culminate his recovery with the utmost caution, without haste, always under medical supervision. Step by Step. Marc already knows that he will not be in the MotoGP tests in Qatar, and it is not certain that he will be able to start the World Championship. But his objectives have not been marked this time by dates, but by sensations. First: "Return". After: "Have fun." And from there, "go fast on the bike again." That's your roadmap.

Márquez's words are clarifying. Hopeful too. And they also show that the news blackouts that have occurred these months were not so advisable, because they opened the possibility of multiple interpretations and speculations. Marc is honored to have recognized the error that, from a distance, it was obvious that it had influenced the delay in his recovery. Now we know it officially. The six-time MotoGP world champion is a beloved athlete in Spain and from abroad he will only receive signs of support and affection. And more at this time. Márquez himself has also had to go through "a process" of learning. "There are many races, but there is only one body", is his conclusion. And from there it will come out stronger. Although late.

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