White wall or aurinegra feat

Madrid have not lost in the Cup during the ten years of the Laso era to any team other than Barça. Lenovo Tenerife is going for the feat in its third semifinal.


Madrid chases today (16:00, #Vamos) to qualify for their eighth Cup final in a row. The Laso era is an insurmountable wall in this tournament for anyone who has not seen Barça Barcelona: 23 victories in 26 games since 2012 and six titles, the three defeats against Barça, two in the final (2018 and 19) and one in the quarterfinals. (2013). No other team has been able to sink their teeth into it in a decade. Lenovo Tenerife opposes the feat with its own accounts, those of Txus Vidorreta, which continues to turn with the numbers against Madrid and Laso.

A third time is the charm, the Bilbao coach firmly believes. Two are the semifinals lost by the Laguneros (in 2018 and 19) and two are the games yielded against Real this season, in the semifinals of the Super Cup (79-92) and on January 2 in the League. A pulse for the ACB leadership that the whites took (85-92) in one of Garuba's best performances (12 points and 9 rebounds), although Tavares was ahead. And Carroll. The youth squad, out on Thursday against Valencia, could play if necessary, according to his coach. Taylor, no. And there, commenting on the absences, Vidorreta said yesterday in the previous one that in the quarterfinals "they only talked about Madrid's losses, which were replaced by other professional players, but Valencia had four more important ones. In reality, Derrick Williams was a discard because of the quotas.

A month and a half ago in the league, the merengues won in Tenerife without Llull, Deck and Randolph (and even without Tyus). The Lenovo coach assured that his opponent "plays with impunity" and that, without an audience, "the Madrid bench broadcasts the game continuously." And he added: "They are a very powerful team and they are also thirty and the mother." There is a pulse, not to mention itch. CB Canarias is the top scorer in the ACB clinging to control and not debauchery: 87.8 points. He averages 43% in triples and 16.3 free throws made per game, more than anyone. "They have been together for some time and have the famous blocking and continuation of Marcelinho and Shermadini, and with Fitipaldo (18 goals and 6 assists to defeat Burgos)", explains Laso. A great semifinal in sight, white wall or aurinegra feat…?

Marcelinho and Shermadini, 23 'experiences' in 36 seasons

A Brazilian under 1.90 and a Georgian under 2.17, who was born even when the USSR existed, are a fashionable couple and key to the success of Lenovo Tenerife. Marcelinho Huertas, who will turn 38 in May, and Giorgi Shermadini, 32 in April, have 36 career seasons (21 in Spain) and 23 different experiences in 19 clubs, because in some they repeated in two stages. The point guard played in the NBA, in Kobe Bryant's Lakers, and the center took his first steps with Obradovic and won two Euroleague, one with Panathinaikos and the other with Olympiacos. Gio is the most valued (23.3) of the ACB and the second scorer (17.3) and Huertas, second in assists (6.3). Mix well.

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